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iGR has helped many crowdfunding campaigns meet their initial funding goals, and many stretch goals in the process. We’re always happy to help promote well put-together projects. Depending on our schedule we can offer a spot in our weekly Kickstarter Spotlightconduct an exclusive interview, a featured article, or something even more inventive. Our coverage is shared with our ever-increasing audience to help increase project awareness and funding. Don’t think we’re just out to help crowdfunders; we love indies of all shapes and sizes and if we like your project, it’s a good bet we’ll give it some promotion.

I’m Ready To CONSULT

I’ve (iGR Editor in Chief Dylan Zellmer) been toying with the idea of consulting indies on the promotion of their product for some time and I’m finally comfortable with my level of expertise that I’m putting the offer on the table. I’ve learned plenty about helping your project receive the funding or attention it needs to be successful. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of developers in an in-depth fashion, had personal interaction with about every project we’ve covered in our Kickstarter Spotlight, and I’ve even helped some optimize their project for success. And don’t get the wrong impression, I’m not just talking about Kickstarter here. I’m a huge fan of Indiegogo, Steam Greenlight, Indie DB, Gamasutra, and anything else that helps gives developers the chance at greatness. If you’re interested in learning more about what I can offer, drop me a line in the contact form below. Be aware that I’m not particularly subtle and I don’t mince words, so if you’re not ready to hear real feedback, don’t apply. Also, contact me EARLY, ideally 30 days prior to launch, so I have a chance to wrap my head around your project and the best way to help you create a robust community following that will evangelize your product to the world.

What devs are saying about iGR:

O R I G I N Series – Ninjabot

Quote from Estefania Rodriguez of Ninjabot:

The Kickstarter coverage that they did for us was great! The questions they had for us were awesome! Their article was a great way to let fans know a little more about us, and the project! The iGR staff is super nice, and friendly! They have great people, and great articles.” – The Ninjabot

O R I G I N  Series - Art Prints by Ninjabot -- Kicktraq Mini

Son of NorStillAlive Studios

Quote from Julian Mautner (Founder and Lead Developer StillAvile Studios):

iGameResponsibly put a very good interview online and brought us onto the front side of kicktraq! Thanks very much for it.

Son of Nor - The World is Your Weapon -- Kicktraq Mini


Quote from Gregory MacMartin (Founder and CEO, IDGI)

“iGameResponsibly provided awesome coverage for our project while it was on Kickstarter ; they really got the heart of what our project was about and supported us immensely during our campaign”

CONSORTIUM -- Kicktraq Mini

Camelot Unchained City State Entertainment 

Camelot Unchained -- Kicktraq Mini

We have a high success rate with our coverage. Most of our project creators have gone onto very healthy crowdfunding campaigns. In most cases meeting several of their stretch goals in the process. To request crowdfunding coverage or consultation don’t hesitate to contact us: