Kickstarter Spotlight

Kickstarter crowd funding can be credited for many projects being green lit. One of their larger, and more known campaigns is the Ouya gaming console. Here at iGR we are advocates for creativity and unique concepts. Kickstarter offers game developers the ability to put their product in front of the public. If a project is funded it’s then distributed on a tier basis to the community that backed it, and to the platforms it’s being released on.

iGR’s newest weekly article will help to expose some of the best gaming projects Kickstarter has to offer, and chronicle their progress to glory, or obscurity. Every one of these titles deserve to be made, but not all will celebrate their goal being met. This is our effort to shine light on some deserving independent developers.

Ouya CEO Says 73% Of Owners Have Yet To Purchase Software

The Ouya continues to report slow sales. This time it’s straight from the horses mouth.

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Shadow Of The Eternals Has Relaunched On Kickstarter

Dyack is back! Shadow of the Eternals launches for a second time on Kickstarter

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5 Lives Studios And Satellite Reign Cross The Finish Line On Kickstarter

Congrats to the team at 5 Lives Studios!

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Select Ouya Developers Reveal Their Current Sales Figures

Ouya devs struggling to turn a profit due to a flawed hardware launch and distribution strategy.

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Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 7/18

Kickstarter offers up two more great gaming projects to back this week in the spotlight.

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Exclusive – Mike Diskett Talks Kickstarter, Espionage, And The Games Industry

Mike Diskett gives tons of insight into 5 Lives Studios’ Satellite Reign Kickstarter.

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How Self Publishing And Crowdfunding Benefits The Gaming Industry

It’s time to examine the reasons why offering developers more options to huck their content is a great thing.

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Shadow Of The Eternals Will Relaunch On Kickstarter July 25th

Precursor is gearing up to bring Shadow of the Eternals back to Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 7/11

This week is easily one of our strongest Kickstarter Spotlight lineups ever.

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Deep Silver To Assist inXile With Wasteland 2 Distribution

inXile and Deep Silver partner to distribute Wasteland 2.

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