Kickstarter Spotlight

Kickstarter crowd funding can be credited for many projects being green lit. One of their larger, and more known campaigns is the Ouya gaming console. Here at iGR we are advocates for creativity and unique concepts. Kickstarter offers game developers the ability to put their product in front of the public. If a project is funded it’s then distributed on a tier basis to the community that backed it, and to the platforms it’s being released on.

iGR’s newest weekly article will help to expose some of the best gaming projects Kickstarter has to offer, and chronicle their progress to glory, or obscurity. Every one of these titles deserve to be made, but not all will celebrate their goal being met. This is our effort to shine light on some deserving independent developers.

Phastasmal: A Roguelike Survival Horror PC Game on Kickstarter

Phantasmal is a rougelike survival horror game for PC.

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Warlocks Brawling on Kickstarter

Warlocks is a single and multiplayer brawler coming to PC, Mac, Linux and WiiU.

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Wasteland 2 Beta Preview: The Isometric Apocalypse Returns

The original post-apocalyptic RPG returns to

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Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 11/21

Bring the party anywhere you go with Metagame, bring music to life, and depart on an intergalactic adventure

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GDC Next Hands On With castAR The New AR/VR Kickstarter

A new AR/VR contender has entered the scene.

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Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 10/30

Holy awesome projects Batman!

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Dark Matter Pulled From Steam, Interwave Hit With Layoffs

Dark Matter pulled from Steam and other digital distribution platforms

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Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 10/16

We have one helluva write-up for you this week!

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Hinterland Snags A Legendary Voice Actor For The Long Dark

A legendary voice actor lends his help to Hinterland’s The Long Dark

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There Is Hope, The Long Dark Has Met It’s Goal On Kickstarter

Another fantastic episodic story will come to fruition thanks to crowd funding

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