iGame Responsibly was founded in January of 2012. We were initially a simple fan page dedicated to getting friends together to talk about games on Facebook. The origins of “responsible gaming” came by way of our overall group dynamic. Most of us were business professionals who viewed gaming as a reward for a hard day’s, or in some cases, week’s work.

We’ve grown from our humble beginnings into a major media outlet for video game news.  Even with our aggressive growth we stay true to our mission statement:

“We strive to provide the news, previews, and reviews you want within a safe environment for gamers. We’re also dedicated to creating awareness of innovative and unique Indie projects.” – i Game Responsibly

Our fantastic columnists and industry experts work hard to provide you with in-depth insights from all over the Industry in one convenient location. Through our many contributions to indie development, we’ve become one of the highest authorities on the subject.

At present, iGR has more than 3,000 social media followers on Facebook and Twitter, a network of affiliates spanning multiple languages, and a growing affinity with top publishers and developers throughout the industry.

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We never rest. Staying on the bleeding-edge of the games industry is just our nature. We welcome indie devs and very much enjoy helping them maximize exposure.

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