Sony and Unity Offer Unity Engine To All Playstation Developers

PrintSony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Unity Technologies, announced yesterday that they have extended their strategic partnership to offer Unity Pro for PlayStation® for PlayStation4, PlayStation3 and PlayStation Vita to all PlayStation licensed developers at no additional cost. SCEI and Unity originally entered into a strategic partnership in March 2013 to provide Unity for PlayStation.

“We’re already seeing amazing Unity-authored games coming out, as well as many more that are in production, for all of the PlayStation platforms,” said David Helgason, CEO, Unity Technologies.  “This is an exciting step to make this clear and easy, and to guarantee that developers using Unity have a fantastic opportunity to participate in the PlayStation® developer community.”

Unity’s adaptability and flexibility make the development platform ideal for a wide range of game styles and art. Developers interested in creating games for PlayStation platforms can reach out to their PlayStation representative to discuss becoming an approved PlayStation developer and receiving specialized PlayStation ready versions of the Unity Pro development engine and editor.

This is great news for gamers. Unity Technologies serves over 600,000 monthly active developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists around the globe. As more talented and diverse artists and game designers gain access to development tools, we can expect to see an even broader array of gaming experiences moving the industry forward.

Tom Awesome

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