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TUG (The Untitled Game) is a open-world, sandbox RPG. The game is being developed by Nerd Kingdom, a team of social scientists, economists, artists, and developers exploring new frontiers in technology and design. Their goal? To create an ever-evolving player experience based on their ongoing sociological and behavioral science research of player interactions within virtual worlds. The game is currently available in Steam Early Access, where players can play a pre-alpha version of the game for $9.99.

The game features three core modes for players: Survival, Creative and Proving Grounds. Survival is a single-player mode where you gather resources, hunt, build shelter and farm crops. Creative is a single and multiplayer mode gives players the freedom to build and change the terrain, craft, break and control all aspects of the world at their own pace. Proving Grounds is a PvP zone set on a floating island, where players match skills and wits against other players.

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Nerd Kingdom acknowledges that gamers will experience hiccups in the early access program. The developer is building a proprietary engine for the game, and there are going to be bugs and glitches along the way. The development team is committed to providing frequent updates to the game, rolling out new systems and patches every four to six weeks.

“Being able to actually build a game and an engine with a community is overwhelmingly rad. Getting insights from mapmakers, modders, YouTubers, and gamers themselves help us focus on parts of the game and technology that will have the biggest impact and encourage the most experimentation and play from the community,” said Peter Salinas, a behavioral scientist with Nerd Kingdom and developer for TUG. “This update is the result of so much of that dialog, and we are always anxious to engage in more geek-outs to see what things we can do next. So long as this project has a growing community, we will have a growing team supporting it.”

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The team is currently developing several new systems for the game for future updates, including metallurgy to create better tools, dynamic skill gains to advance the skills you use the most and dynamic character progression that changes your character’s appearance to match your playstyle. Warriors swinging heavy weapons will become more muscular and characters who make poor dietary decisions will add weight. The team has a lot of great ideas that they are trying to work into the game.

While the team continues building and tweaking the game to implement new systems, the game is available on Steam Early Access here. Gamers who purchase the early alpha version have the game for life, including all future updates. The early access gamers also have the opportunity to drive development and play an instrumental role in the games development. You can learn more about the game by checking out Nerd Kingdom website, but it looks like a really interesting project that received a lot of support on Kickstarter.


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