Indie Devs Confirm Our Suspicions About Working With PlayStation

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • DrunkwitPowah


    • chrisredfield31

      I’m worse at what I do best; And for this gift I feel blessed

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Sony invites indie devs in with open arms, while Micrsoft bats them away with a stick. Good job Sony, way to help people get their games out there, you are to be commended.

    • Rich Hutnik

      Microsoft isn’t now. They have done a 180 once again and are rushing to get them on board to do stuff.

      • Fango

        Yeah, MS was essentially giving all indie devs the big finger up until only recently due to all the positive press about Sony. MS only knows money and it’s the sole reason for jumping the indie bandwagon.

        • ShamelessPlace

          Most Indie stuff sucks ass anyway! 8bit pixels and 16 bit jumpers, A few shiny gems in the lot but for the most of it, indie drivel and regurgitation of the same ole same from 1986 is just plain dumb. MS is doing what they are doing to keep MS looking like App store and all the shite on it. PS will do the same you’ll see.

      • datdude

        They are now courting indies, but only on their terms implementing the ridiculous ID program that demands a game release the same day and date if it’s going to appear on live. Microsoft tries to progress but even in trying their attempts are ham fisted and draconian. Thus developers prefer Sony. Sony makes it much simpler and doesn’t place such restrictions on content. That’s what happens when you’re confident.

  • Edward Miller

    Suspicion is not the appropriate word you should use in your tittle, thoughts would be a more appropriate word. Bating people with your tittle is not a good thing and makes people take the article less seriously.

    • Nojoke

      Apparently the internet cant take a joke. It seems like the title was tongue in cheek rather than meant to be taken literally.

      • brianc6234

        Joke? I don’t get it. Seems more like someone didn’t understand what they were writing.

    • Like the guest comment says, we didn’t mean to mislead, just wanted to have a little bit of fun. Sorry if we pissed anyone off terribly.

    • Edward Miller

      Doesn’t seem like tongue and cheek just seems like baiting for hits. Most would think the article is something entirely different. Not questioning your motive but it comes off very badly.

      Didn’t piss me off though, just pointing it out.

  • 3 quotes. Riveting.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    People are constantly bashing Microsoft not for what they do or don’t do, but for what Sony does or doesn’t do. While Sony should be commended — people shouldn’t bash Microsoft because of it. The only thing that appears to be true of Sony is there plans are more fleshed out and further along than Microsoft’s with regards to independent development. If however, Microsoft manages to actually make independent game develop work through a retail X-Box One that could be a game changer in terms of development costs. It has the potential to leapfrog Sony’s efforts. Don’t for one moment think that if Sony didn’t have competition for the PS4 that they would be this generous. Just another example of how competition helps the free market decide the winner and that contest between the PS4 and the XB1 is years away from completion.

    • aeris bueller

      not really. if you follow everything Microsoft does, they don’t “not do” what Sony does, they DO their own extra thing, and put in extra work, to put in some clause, or fee, or ad, or extra control or meddling, or anti-consumer bs. That’s why people hate MS, it’s much more trouble for them to annoy everyone with their convoluted rulebook for ID, and it’s sole purpose is to not have to compete with Sony in some small way. It’s pathetic, and is not done to benefit gamers and developers. Microsoft fans always try to say “they’re in it for profit. of course they’re going to do ___________”. This attitude doesn’t do anyone any good, including young future CEOs and developers, and it’s not shared by all companies, nor is it shared by all consumers.

      • Dirkster_Dude

        So what part of the “not really” are you “not really” agreeing to?

        • aeris bueller

          The whole sentiment really, but for example
          “People are constantly bashing Microsoft not for what they do or don’t
          do, but for what Sony does or doesn’t do. While Sony should be
          commended — people shouldn’t bash Microsoft because of it.”

          What Microsoft is doing is a bullying tactic, which even without Sony to compare it to is annoying in it’s own right. They’re trying to force the hand of indies who don’t have options. It wouldn’t be as bad if they just had a harder path to indie publishing, because they didn’t think to make it easy, the problem is that they purposefully are taking advantage of indie devs’
          weaker position for their own advantages.

          “Don’t for one moment think that if Sony didn’t have competition for the PS4 that they would be this generous”
          I disagree with this, too. I think it’s the developer friendly mentality, and that they believe what they are doing benefits everyone (including themselves), by allowing indies to get their original genre creating ideas out there. Sometimes companies actually do good things, because they realize that it isn’t ‘us vs them’ when it comes to consumers and developers.

          Basically the main sentiment I got from your post (possibly not what you meant), is that MS isn’t bad unless you compare them to Sony, and Sony is only so good to indies because MS is also in the battle. I disagree with both of those things. MS’s policies are objectively counter-productive to the gaming industry, and Sony seems to try to include consumers and devs in their business model, because with or without MS, it still benefits them to keep devs and gamers happy.

          • Dirkster_Dude

            My point about Microsoft is bash them for what they do on there own not because they do or don’t respond to what Sony is doing. There is certainly plenty to bash Microsoft about. I agree that Sony is doing a better job trying to make the whole indie development scene work for them.

          • aeris bueller

            Right. That does make sense. One more thing on it, though. I think people bring MS into the Sony indie conversation, because a lot of people (including myself), see the ID program as being MS’s direct answer to all the enthusiasm to Sony’s indie model. And rather than just make it plain and simple, they had to take the extra effort to add anti-competitive clauses.

  • Wagner Paiva Fernandes

    Click bait much?

  • PatcherStation

    Most gamers are not bothered about indies. Game releases will be thin this year for all formats, so it better pick up in 2015. But when things slow down, indie games are a poor alternative. But the indie scene is just a fad, it’ll fizzle out. Same with games for mobiles.

    • chrisredfield31

      Did you get this out of an N4G article? I’m sure you did, LOL! That said, Minecraft’s success would say you’re wrong.

    • Really? They don’t care about Shadow Complex? Super Meatboy? Castle Crashers? Limbo? Hotline Miami? Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons?

      I don’t know what kind of gamer but I don’t care if its an indie or a AAA title. I just want good games.

  • Guest

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