17-Bit Had Galak-Z: The Dimensional Running On PS4 In 24 Hours

IMG_5895First PS4 Build Live At GDC (Sorry For The Glare)

During last week’s GDC, 17-Bit offered up the very first playable build of Galak-Z on PS4 for demo. 17-Bit’s SeƱor producer, Raj Joshi mentioned that the team had disabled several features and visual flair to keep things simple for the demo, but I have to say, Galak-Z still looked pretty great.

Even more interestingly, Joshi mentioned that it didn’t take the team very long to get Galak-Z running on PS4,

“It’s pretty straightforward, we got running in one day, literally up and running on a PS4 in one day. The architecture is executed more cleanly than PS3. It’s pretty comparable to a high level gaming machine 6 months ago.”

It’s great to continually hear that PS4 is approachable for developers working with Unity. I find it pretty impressive that 17-Bit was able to get their game running on a PS4 dev kit so quickly. Especially considering that Unity is still in beta on the PS4.

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