Sony’s Proprietary PhyreEngine Helped Secret Ponchos Hit 1080p/60FPS on PS4


Well, GDC is now officially over, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I spoke to so many amazing artists, programmers, audio gurus, and creative leads over the past few days that I count myself lucky to have done so. More than one dev that I spoke to mentioned that they were using the newest version of SCE‘s PhyreEngine.

The PhyreEngine is a proprietary game engine that SCE R&D brought to fruition and opened up for developers to use, free of charge. In the case of developer Switchblade Monkeys, Yousuf Mapara said the team was able to add a considerable amount of visual flair to their spaghetti western-style, multiplayer fighting game, Secret Ponchos. They upgraded the visuals after noticing a marked upturn in performance due to the tech. Mapara said,

“The performance was really good on Phyre, so we got to upgrade all of our assets. The programmers were rebuilding and we noticed it was running really great, so we decided to just max all of our assets, and were still running a silky smooth 60FPS with 1080p resolution.”


“Their R&D team became our friends”

We’ll have much more with Yousuf in the coming days. In our chat we talked about working with PlayStation as a partner, the proliferation of indie games, and the great ideas Switchblade has to support Secret Ponchos long after release.

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  • Tim

    Just playing Infamous SS and Metal Gear Ground Zeroes on my PS4, the graphics are just incredible for the relatively cheap price that a PS4 costs.

    • Neil Riley

      Got to agree with you. Both games utterly stunning to look at.

  • Blue Gum

    Maxing out assets at full HD and 60fps? Time to start downsampling guys!