MGSV: Ground Zeroes PS4 Review

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Vash Wilson

Game Review Editor at iGame Responsibly
Vash hails from the Windy City and has been writing for about 11 years now. He recently picked up writing game reviews. His writing credits include several short stories, an unpublished book, and currently write poetry. Since he was a child he’s always had a passion for video games. Vash enjoys pretty much any genre, although his favorites are RPGs and MMOs.
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  • Jason Mounce

    Even if a one night stand, MGS5 is the kind of game where after sex, you’ll want to have a nice long cuddle afterwards which makes it so you don’t feel shitty about what you did prior. Making it all worth it in the end.

    The quality justifies the $20-$30 cost. Just as the cuddle duration justifies the potentially shameful practice of a one night stand.