Live From GDC – Project Morpheus PS4 Hands-On Impressions

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Arnold Stallone

    This IS the future.
    It’s impossible vr will fail. Graphics now are almost life-like.if we were in 2000, and Morpheus resolution was 320p, I would say no. But at 1080p, oh man.

    Who never dreamt of ‘being’ in the game, literally?
    A gran turismo 7 , or any other racing game, would be fantastic.
    And a first person game, like skyrim, etc–> wow
    Or watching a bluray movie, and feeling like we’re in a theater with a huge screen.
    And all the other games.
    And special made apps , like human body, moon, ocean, mars,or a 3d museum, etc etc.
    Or a mass effect game ! Ahhhhhhhhhh
    Or a tennis game, or golf.
    And all the other games

    Am I excited? God yeah 🙂

    • Steph

      It’s not impossible it will fail, it is inevitable. Sonys VR will flop, it will always be a gimmick, a niche peripheral, and will never sell enough for the majority of developers to make games for it… with no games or piss poor games, nobody will buy it and it will fail, flop, die, just as Sonys peripherals always do.

      • luvthesnapper

        what aren’t you just a ray of sunshine….

      • Axe99

        Just like that Playstation Camera that’s got a 15% attach rate and is supply constrained? ;).

      • Arnold Stallone

        You are a true xbot Sony hater, peter. Or is it john? Or David?
        All those technologies from Sony, that you hate so much, you know, that LCD tech, those HD movies, 3d, CDs, and hundreds of techs you use every day, from music, videos, all kind of players, etc, there they are,Sony, always investing billions on future-proof devices, when other companies make consoles and sell them with huge issues, like the rrod that millions of innocents bought, aided by the big websites like in, GameSpot, etc, that hided the x360 issues, so people keep buying it.

        I don’t understand how you guys can hate a company that have been providing all kind of ways so we have pleasure, fun, joy, watching, reading, listening, etc, since decades.
        They may not be angels, but compared to Microsoft you love more than your own parents, at least, they strive to innovate as much as they can: Microsoft entered the hd-dvd war solely for spoiling the party, not for bringing something good to people. They joined the gaming industry not because they need money (they can sell office or windows 10$ more expensive, that will give them 50x more cash than selling xboxes), but only because they didn’t want to not be present on the living-room. From 2010 to 2013, excepting the same cod and halo and gears, Xbox owners didn’t get new games: when microsoft could have hired people and made 100 new games, with the infinite $ they have.but they dot given a fok about gamers, who are just walking wallets.

        And then, people like you would eat and wear and breath microsoft, 24/7, because you can have exclusive cod content and a new halo game,every 3 years. You praise microsoft like they were gods. In return, they force you to swallow kinekt, pay more, and 720p games.

        One thing is sure: the hate campaign from websites and journalists like GameSpot, ign, polygon, and the dirty tool from Rev3, work pretty well. They keep on bashing Sony games, and keep praising the Xbox like the messiah.
        A game may have 20 negative things, like frame rate, screen tearing, poor resolution,etc, but reviewers will still give it 9’s and 10’s, like titanfall. And then, you have amazing games like infamous ss, with tons of content, true next gen graphics, sounds, everything, great vita remote support,etc, which,mat the end, makes a great huge overall ‘package’, with tons of value and fun, for the gamer, but haters like the disgusting pos from Rev3, will focus on minor things that have nothing to do with the game( ex, I review a pool game, but because I don’t like playing pool in the real life, I will give it a 4/10), and because they are paid to hate Sony, and to bash Sony games and exclusives, their fanboyism talks, and they give the game a 3/5, like the huge load of biased stinking shit, from Rev3, did.

        These tall turds generate hate, and then, there are people like you, hating everything Sony may do,announce, release, with comments like yours.

        Within one year, millions of happy gamers will be having a great time with Sony’s Morpheus, despite your hate, you know that?
        Because of your hate, you stupidly are forced to play games at 720p, instead of great 1080p, like cod ghosts, black flag, and many many other titles,where the x1 even struggles on running games at 720p. Is all that hate worth it?
        You and all the other millions haters are the ONES losing and missing something. Do you think you do a great favor or damage to Sony gamers, when you stubbornly choose to pay more for less, and you choose to hate Sony, and play at 720p?
        Do you think it hurts us, Sony gamers? Lol. We laugh. Big big laugh.
        So keep on hating Sony. We will keep on playing tons of AAA 1080p , until the very last day the ps4 will be sold, in 8,9,10 years.
        But don’t worry, Microsoft will find a way to spoil Sony VR plans, by investing hundreds millions on competition,, just to slow down Sony, so Sony aren’t alone on VR. Even if Microsoft don’t have the intention of using the VR tech.

        OK, peter?john? James?

  • Steph

    VR might work 10+ years from now but for the here and now it will fail, Sonys faster then ORift.

  • Matt Dickinson

    Michael Pachter just said this is going to fail, so therefore it isn’t worth getting.