Live From GDC – High-Res Shots Of Project Morpheus In Action


We’re now in the midst of day three of GDC and, as promised, PS4‘s Project Morpheus is live on the floor for folks to try out. Small booths have been setup with the Morpheus hardware, PlayStation Camera and Dual Shock 4 controllers. Here’s a few shots of the head mounted display up close and personal, and in glorious high-res.

Next up is a selection of images of folks being fitted with the HMD and using it to demo several small VR experiences like a medieval castle simulation and even diving in shark infested waters.

This final set of captures are off-screen shots of the demos in action while users are controlling them with the Morpheus HMD.

We’ll have our impressions of Project Morpheus later this evening, or tomorrow at the latest. PlayStation has done the GDC crowd a solid by unveiling Project Morpheus during the conference, we’ll see what else they have to offer before the end of the week.

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Dylan Zellmer

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    Nice shots!