Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Passed Up On The Now PS4/Vita Exclusive Pavilion


The guys over at Visiontrick Media may currently be attending BitSummit in Kyoto, but they had time to begin answering some of the questions I sent them early last week. One of which referred to the ID@Xbox program Microsoft has established to bring independent game developers to Xbox One. It seems they are being rather selective with the program thus far. Not only are they administering an imposing launch parity clause, it looks like they are outright denying applications from talented developers; and it’s their loss.

Pavilion is a wonderfully creative, beautifully artistic fourth person exploratory experience. Developed with the Unity game engine, Pavilion offers clean, hand painted visuals influenced by Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher’s “Relativity”. It’s one of the games that SCEA developer relations manager, Brian Silva is very excited about having on PlayStation. If you’re keen on seeing Pavilion in action, here are some fantastic GIFs 1, 2, 3.

When I got around to asking developer Visiontrick Media why Pavilion isn’t coming to Xbox One, developer Henrik Flink responded,

Right now we’re working closely with Sony on the PlayStation versions of the game and are focusing all our resources on that. Any future platforms is just not decided on yet. We signed up for ID@Xbox early on just to have a plenty of option regarding which platforms to work on,  as well as signing up as a Nintendo developer for the same reason. Although we didn’t get accepted as a ID@Xbox developer and haven’t had any contact with them since then.

I find it appalling that Microsoft wouldn’t be interested in bringing such a fresh indie game to the Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. There’s no denying that ID@Xbox director, Chris Charla, has had a positive effect on the treatment of indies at Xbox. But the denial seems to be in stark contrast to what he’s been publicizing in regards to the program. The need for an application process is paramount to managing a standard of quality, it’s simply my belief that Pavilion meets that requirement.

Prominent indie developers like Vlambeer and Witch Beam Games have been vocal about the need for a change to the launch parity clause, but it seems that may be just the beginning of the programs issues.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Steph

    It’s funny how Sony or Microsoft passing on titles is news lol, it happens every single day….it’s a part of business. It’s appalling that Microsoft passed on an indie game?….a game they obviously passed for a reason…oh i forgot u know better then they do. These game articles are getting more ridiculous every day.

    • metalman5150

      I’ll take a Dali- art -based game on any device.
      No one knows why MS passed but we all know that they did, whilst riding high upon that horse of theirs.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Well if you’ve been following along since this time last year, the indie thing with these new consoles is a big deal, specifically the way Microsoft had handled it before the whole backlash with their console. To sarcastically say oh I forgot you know better than they do, in the same breath as saying they passed on it for a reason, is pretty funny though.

      • Blaze Blue

        To you and every Sony pony that think it’s a big deal. News flash it’s not! Get over it what ever make you happy with your ps4. Like she said this is not news all it is , is a scandal.

        • NinoBr0wn

          “To you and every Sony pony.”

          Man I miss gaming before the advent of the internet jackass.

          • Blaze Blue

            Ok I would love to reply to what ever point, or if it was one. But I can settle for the insults. You are just a disgruntled dumb ass. Stay off the news about Xbox find something that has to do with ps what ever number you are currently playing.

          • NinoBr0wn

            You don’t even get it. You’re so consumed with hate for the other platform, that what tiny bit of criticism I said, which wasn’t even really criticism, you misconstrued as fanboy talk, and you want to follow the crowd and call me a Sony pony lol. You assume I don’t have an Xbox because of a very, very simple comment I made about the indie situation, coming into this generation. A disgruntled dumbass. That’s just ironic. You’re attacking your own community and you don’t even know it.

          • Blaze Blue

            Really Really? Hate is that what you think and what you said? You really are talking about yourself, your post is why we are going back and forth. It doesn’t belong here this article is about Xbox and clearly you have no interest in it. Go and take a walk.

          • NinoBr0wn

            Ok you just ignored everything I said, conveniently. Peace.

          • Blaze Blue

            Actually you really didn’t say anything for me to really respond to you

          • NinoBr0wn

            Yet you did respond, just ignored what was said. You ignored when I said you’re attacking your own community. You ignored when I said you *misconstrued* what I originally said as fanboy criticism, before ridiculously calling me a damn Sony pony, as if you should never ever criticize a platform that you want to see do well. You ignored when I told you that you *assumed* a lot from what little I said. Are you still not connecting the dots? Are you not seeing the irony in being just like everyone else, and labeling someone a fanboy?

          • Blaze Blue

            I don’t really think you know why i responded to you. If you don’t have any interest in the Xbox and all you clearly had is the intentions just to add your opinion towards a system of not your choice. Why even bother, ask yourself that.

  • Leo Atrox

    The game looks beautiful. That said, I’m not seeing anything that hasn’t been done before. While the art is gorgeous, the gameplay visuals look derivative and contrived; not totally unlike a 3/4 top down viewed Price of Persia. The gameplay is “fourth person,” which has been done before. The puzzle aspects have been done as well. I can see a problem pitching the concept to a publisher. If executed well, the game could be wonderful; but pitching it to a publisher would be problematic. It’s one of those games that a company can say “look how beautiful this game is going to be,” but which will very likely sell few copies. I can absolutely understand Microsoft passing on it (and the developer) and they might regret that decision later. But that’s the nature of the business. You have to make decisions on a game based on a developer’s explanations, concept art and–if you’re lucky–pre-alpha code; and sometimes that doesn’t give you a clear enough picture of what the game is going to be.

  • alchemistx24x7

    MS is focused on New AAA titttled games as you can see by there exclusives that came out and are coming out while playstation is focused on low budget, very cost friendly tittles that are indie games there exclusive lineup and upcoming exclusives points that out..MS has a bunch of good indie games coming out but i like there focus on big AAA games..Have a buddy who is ticked off by the fact Sony has promised 21-22 exclusive tittles the 1st year but he had no idea 18-19 of those exclusive are indie tittles…

    • Jordan Jones

      ya dont know why anyone would get the indiestation 4 especially now with all the people getting fired from sony like the ceo of sony america. Sony is going downhill fast and also firing alot of people from their AAA studios