SCEE Is Teasing Big Things Happening Behind The Scenes

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Anon

    Half Life 3 Vita exclusive confirmed.

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    Sony will have the most announcements at these conferences.

    • No Way


      • Jason Mounce

        Yes. Deal with it.

  • Jernario gill

    thee vita slim will come in a variety of colors as well as another first person shooter besides borderlands 2…… maybe a firmware update that adds a ton of things for the vita….. cant be anxious though because anxiety chop off the penis

  • Farris Mae Jornales

    Another new addition to the growing technological advancement in the fields of entertainment for the Sony company. Impressive.

    -Money Polo

  • Demetre HG

    Lmfao bahahahahahaha -1

  • NeoMahi

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Its pretty retarded to start doing this so long before E3. It isn’t even necessary! Everyones gonna be checking out E3. There’s no need to do this.

  • Anders

    Shahid Kamal is working with indie developers on all three PlayStation consoles, but he is not necessarily talking about his own projects. It could be VR or some secret Dperry network features.

  • John Mumpitz

    Sorry Shahid, I’m not falling for this again. It’s great that he’s helping smaller developers get on PlayStation platforms, but he has a habit of making things bigger than they are.

  • frontiermarine88

    psp go 2 confirmed

    • TheFanboySlayer

      LMAO! that would be hilarious

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