Xbox One Needs A Much Steeper Price Cut To Compete With PS4, Says Analyst

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Johnnie

    People do prefer Xbox Live over PSN…until they realize PS+ gets you free games and the online service is leaps and bounds above what it was on PS3 and, from what I’ve heard, Xbox One some how doesn’t have a party chat system in place, which PSN does.

    I bought a 1 TB Hybrid drive for my PS4, received Resogun and Contrast free with it (like everyone else who has PS+), got $10 psn credit, one month of music unlimited and 1 month of PS+…for less than the price of an Xbox One….they’ll have to do more than a price cut.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Honestly not trolling

      PS+ offers a better service at the moment, for sure. That table didn’t turn until after the PSN hacks. Once Games with Gold starts up on Xbox One there will be little difference.
      Music Unlimited is pretty locked down compared to Xbox Music IMO.
      Buying a 1TB HD lost 500GB. Once Xbox enables external drives (why in God’s name why this wasn’t available from the start I do not understand) buying a 1TB external drive will give me a total of 1.5TB vs. your 1TB.
      Party chat will be fixed in March

      Xbox One has had a super rocky start, but so did the PS3 when I bought it and I don’t regret that.

      I made the switch (number of personal reasons) and at this time see very little reason to wish I went the other way (and nobody has to believe me but I did have both, could have kept both, opted for the Xbox with a 3yr warranty, 3 games, and 1 year Xbox Live)

      • Johnnie

        I didn’t think you were trolling and I respect your opinion. I actually find it ironic we’re on pretty opposite ends since I was primarily a 360 gamer last gen and switched to PS4 this gen.

        However, my main point was the price and benefits are on total opposite paths. The external hard drive feature is cool and I wish Sony offered it as well but that still makes the system a (most likely) $600+ investment. And I have absolutely no faith in games for gold. All I’ve seen from it is 3 to 4 year old games, and I just don’t see Microsoft making it better.

        • Steph

          Lol Microsoft publicly said games for gold will feature xb1 games. Of course they would make it better, they are a business, to think otherwise is childish.

          • Johnnie

            I don’t think it’s childish. This is the same company that told anyone without Internet to go buy a 360 instead at one point…or that they couldn’t make the X1 work without kinect…or they couldn’t take out the DRM…or any number of bad decisions they’ve made.

            I guess I’ll continue to be childish and just wait for them to prove me wrong.

          • Steph

            Ur doing a good job of it 😉 now I’m done with u, carry on, no further replies from me needed

          • Johnnie

            Okie doke.

          • datdude

            You make valid points while those who argue with you offer clouudddzzz and promises not kept. Microsoft has really not shown the ability to deal with reality, or in reality. The examples you listed above are classics, along with them deceiving potential customers by running all games at e3 2013 on high end pc’s and ultimately disappointing gamers when those same games looked nothing like their e3 counterparts on actual xbone hardware. By contrast, Sony showed, and Sony delivered exactly what they showed. Another example of Microsoft deception; when Npd published the fact that the ps4 outsold the xbone nearly two to one in January, Microsoft’s response was…wait for it…the xbox family led all competitors in the us market in software sales in January. So to deflect from the fact that the software sales of ps4 versions of multiplatforms are also selling in larger quantities than their xbone counterparts, in addition to ps4 dominating console hardware sales in january, Microsoft offers a retort largely focused on 360 (on the strength of cod, battlefield, and GTAV numbers) sales figures ADDED to xbone sales figures. That is what Microsoft does. Deflect. And that is what the Microsoft children have learned to do as well. If you can’t beat em’, deny deny deny. As George Costanza once said, “It’s not a lie, if you believe it”. Nuff said.

          • Johnnie

            Well said, well said.

      • junkbox720p

        Xbox One has inferior specs. Even garbage games ike cod runs at 720p on crap box one no to mentionn tons and tons of games run at 720p on crap box one. I have to be an idiot to pay for garbage LIVE or pay 500$ for crap like xbox one. ps3 and xbox one are not same. Every wanted a ps3/ no one wants an xbox one. Xbox one is finished and so is MS gaming division . An inferior console that runs most games at 720p lol

    • Steph

      Xbox one has a party chat system in place since release and it’s getting an update in march.

      XBL is and always will be the better online service, free games or no, for one reason, they have the best servers and online infrastructure bar none.

      Xbox one needs a price cut and that’s pretty much it as they have exclusives on lock.

      • Johnnie

        The server gap was large last gen, not so much this time around.

        What exclusives other than Titanfall are there that are honestly that exciting? Although I will admit, I am jealous of Peggle 2.

        • Steph

          Quantum break, D4, halo, forza horizons, project spark, cobalt, gears, etc etcetera

          Lol the server gap is huge this gen, nothing changed at all, when I play online on my ps4 do u know what happens? Lag, rubber banding, and the ever repeating server jumping/host problems

          Yup just titanfall…

          • Johnnie

            Then that’s your Internet, lady, not the servers. I’ve had an issue on PS4 once before BF4 got patched. Ghosts, NFS, DCU, Tomb Raider, Killzone, no lag at all.

            Honestly, all of those exclusives look like shit, except for Titanfall.

            So, yep, just Titanfall.

          • Steph

            Lol troll on lad, they all lag, it’s fact. Yup it’s my fast internet not all the people complaining, not all the people lagging on twitch streams, not the articles about ps4 server lag, not the ps4 YouTube users who complain about it, yup.

            Those aren’t interesting games yet u rave about infamous and the order lol, go away, u can’t even troll well. As I said before I’m done with u.

          • Johnnie

            No, dumbass, I personally have not experienced any lag. People like you with bad Internet, a router too far away or whatever are just whiners. If it’s so terrible then why do you still have it? Quantum Break looks awful, Forza is the worst racing sim around, Halo is terrible, and gears was fun the first time around, 2 was terrible, 3 had it’s moments but ultimately failed and I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Judgement. You are crazy.

          • junkbox720p

            look at this drug addict dick sucking bitch. go to a rehab bitch

  • brianc6234

    If the PS4 and Xbone are the same price the PS4 is still a lot better. Why would a cheaper price make you want an Xbone really? It’s not like the price is that much higher. Add the Sony camera on and it’s only about $40 more for the Xbone, right? The PS4 is more powerful so if you want the console with the best games you want the PS4.

    • Steph

      People buy different consoles for exclusives not multi platform games. Which is why people choose xb1 over ps4 and vice versa, that is the point of different consoles. So if u want the best games u pick the console with the games u like best. simple right? Or buy all 3 like me.

  • Steph

    Microsoft made a mistake of pricing their console at $500, the sooner they man up to admit that and drop the price to $400 the better.

    • flopza

      dicksucking bitch inferior garbage console and no one would even buy it for 300$ ? What games are there on that crap box?? Galo franchise is dead and Flopza died ages ago

  • ambleThought

    XBOne at $100 less than a PS4, maybe. M$ went for the TV angle, Sony went for the Gamer.

  • Lacarious

    Nah dude, the XBL online experience is like walking through a world of commercials and slowdown. The PS online experience is far more fluid and user friendly.

  • da Boss

    Bringing the price on par with the PS4 will only shorten the gap between the two consoles. For them to break even at this point they’d need to make the X1 cheaper than the PS4, to be competitive and to justify the much shittier hardware. Making the console 400$ wont help that much, 350? 300? Now we have a competition. But Microsoft is way too cheap. There only option is to drop the kinect, but they’ve based everything around that camera, so i doubt thats ever going to happen. Huh, maybe Microsoft is fucked. They either cut out the camera and make the console 300-350 or they will never come close to the PS4… especially when the PS4 is dominating all three regions (Europe, Americas, Asia)

  • datdude

    The ps3 holds a lead in worldwide sales over the 360 despite launching more than one full year later than the 360 and despite the red ring issue which artificially inflated sales of the 360 because many 360 gamers (myself included) bought another 360 when the warranty was up and microsoft would no longer repair the console, and the homemade fixes no longer worked. I bought my 360 first last gen, primarily because it had games I had to play, like Gears and Mass Effect. I bought my ps3 later when the price dropped and I had to play games like MGS, God of War, and Uncharted. That script has completely flipped with the PS4 and xbone. Sony’s first party devs are killing it with quality releases. Microsoft’s first party games had slowed to less than a crawl late in the 360’s life cycle. I had decided to pick up a ps4 first this gen largely based on the strength of their first party studios and the games they produce. The fact the console is more powerful is a happy bonus I quite frankly didn’t expect. I expected Microsoft to spend whatever they had to to ensure technical superiority this time around, but that didn’t happen despite them making a killing off gamers from xbox live gold subscriptions and doubling down in ad revenue from advertisers on that same service. Sony dominated sales in Europe and across much of the rest of the globe last gen. Microsoft had a few strongholds, the US being one of them. But considering Microsoft is now getting trounced in the US and UK, places where they were strong last gen, they have no chance of winning this gen as far as sales go. The rest of the world already preferred Sony’s platform, and Sony dominating the US and UK early on this gen has to be troubling to Microsoft brass. So this pachter character suggesting Microsoft could “overtake” Sony with a price drop is beyond wishful thinking and doesn’t appear to show how that could even conceivably be a possiblity due to the factors I mentioned. At some point, I’m sure I’ll buy an xbone for some of it’s exclusives, as I’ve always owned numerous consoles, but not at 500 dollars, and certainly not for Titanfall. Maybe Halo, but the price has to drop.