Rayman Legends Xbox One Review

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • d0x360

    The graphics were not given a “once over”. Ubi has stated everything is the same. The game already ran at 1080p/60fps and looking at them side by side they are identical on wiiu, ps4 and Xbox one.

    I was waiting for the xb1 version to hit before I decide which platform to buy on as i own all 3 next gen consoles. Considering the wiiu version uses the touch screen and motion controls as the original design intended the Wii is the best platform to buy this game on. No matter where you play the game is fantastic but the gameplay is just better on wiiu so if you are fortunate enough to own multiple platforms get it on Wii.

    • This quote is directly from the review materials that accompanied Rayman Legends on Xbox One,

      “With the upgraded capabilities of next-gen consoles, the award-winning visuals of Rayman Legends have been enhanced to show the hand-drawn artwork in even sharper detail.”

      That’s Ubisoft confirming they’ve enhanced the visuals for PS4 and Xbox One compared to their last-gen counterparts.

      I found the Vita version to be my preference due to the touch controls as well. It’s a great game wherever it lands.