Titanfall Beta Signup Information Coming Tomorrow, Restrictions In Place


Vince Zampella has been a great mouthpiece for all things Titanfall. Tonight, he confirmed that there should be confirmed beta news coming tomorrow and that admission will require a signup.

Good progress. Should be beta news tomorrow. There will be signups. So close!

He also mentioned that if it were up to him, he’d let just about everyone loose on Titanfall’s beta, but as he’s referred to in the past, there will be a limited amount of signups available,

If it were up to me I would let most of you in (always a few bad apples). Sadly, we have restrictions that we couldn’t avoid.

Titanfall’s beta will be some indication of how EA‘s infrastructure will handle the heavy load the online-only game will incur once released to the world. On PC, the title will be available through EA’s Origin service, and on Xbox One, Titanfall will utilize Microsoft’s Xbox Live Compute cloud servers. The Xbox 360 version has been delayed two full weeks after Titanfall’s PC and Xbox One release.

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  • andru

    where do we sign up

    • Respawn are going to finally give the final word on the beta tomorrow. Follow @vincezampella, @respawn or come back here for sing-up information.

  • weezow1

    theres a guy on xbox live if u go to video clips by game he has to videos of him going trough traning in the beta i just seen it i messaged him how he got in he hasent got back to me yet