Thuway: “Hopefully (Microsoft) Won’t Put A Gun To The Heads Of Studios”


Industy Insider Thuway is normally known as being pro-Sony, but his comments today speak to just the opposite. He seems optimistic of the new guard at Microsoft. On the topic of Microsoft snapping up additional studios for exclusive games, Thuway eluded to some past mishaps.

Many gamers, and key studio staff, weren’t particularly happy with how things turned out with RARE,

Why do people think it’s a great idea to purchase a developer? There is far too much that can go wrong. Look at what happened to RARE.


Most of the original members at RARE bailed because they couldn’t stand the management and demands at Microsoft.

However, Rasheed reckons that the new management at Microsoft is smarter, and won’t try to micro-manage projects under the Microsoft umbrella,

The new management at MS is much smarter and hopefully won’t put a gun to the heads of studios.

Being that it’s the outset of a new console generation, publishers are usually more open to letting developers take the reigns in their own way. Hopefully this mantra is applied to Black Tusk Studios development of the next Gears of War. As Phil Spencer said recently, there are a lot of irons in the fire at Xbox, here’s to some really great stuff to come.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Dennis Crosby

    Honestly I’m so tried of this guy he the scum of the gaming community.He’s worst then the trolls that run wild on the internet. On top of that he’s a huge fanboy its so ridiculous any chance he gets he praises Sony and jabs Microsoft and to speak on rare we don’t know what’s going on with them people assume that they don’t want to work on Kinect games maybe they do want to work on Kinect games to show of how the tech works

    • John Mumpitz

      oh, you are so right. I f*cking hate thuway.

      • Dennis Crosby

        Yea he’s an asshole love to bring drama to the community