Report: Halo Waypoint Coming To Xbox One


One of the great things about the Halo multiplayer experience is the integration of Halo Waypoint. Bungie did a wonderful job connecting users through a variety of activities on the service. By now, Waypoint has become a staple of the overall Halo universe. Considering we haven’t heard much about Halo 5, I didn’t expect Microsoft to bring up Waypoint on Xbox One anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working on it. A very interesting job posting over at Microsoft fully indicates the intent to bring Halo Waypoint to the Xbox One.

The Halo Game Services team is working on building the next generation of backend services to power our new game saga on Xbox One. We also build services to support the greater Halo Universe, Halo Waypoint, on console, web, and mobile.

Halo 4 may have had the shortest online lifespan of the entire series. Microsoft is likely going to beef up the connected services and urge 343 to shift more focus onto the multiplayer suite of Halo 5. It’s even possible that the rumored November, 2014 release of Halo 2 could end up having Waypoint support.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Dennis Crosby

    I honestly think that halo 5 and halo 2 will release this year halo 5 for Xbox One and Halo 2 for Xbox 360 and Haloway point isn’t a surprises the halo series and waypoint were made for each other