Phil Spencer Expects Big Things From Capy Games


Back at GDC Next, I had the chance to speak to Nathan Vella of Capy Games. I asked him a bit about Super Time Force, prior to it being confirmed for Xbox One. I also spoke with him about the studios Xbox One exclusive, Below. It seems I’m not the only one putting weight into the projects. Xbox exec, Phil Spencer had this to say about Capy’s upcoming games,

@Capy_Nathan Was good to catch up at DICE. Cant’ wait for STF and Below, no pressure on those.

To which Vella responded,

@XboxP3 Hahaha no pressure indeed! Always great chatting with you Phil. Hope we can do it again soon.

Capy will likely act as one of the early pillars of the ID@Xbox program, ran by Chris Charla. Both Super Time Force, and Below look to be interesting titles. Being able to see the transformation of STF from game jam to full game has been pretty cool.

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Dylan Zellmer

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