Rocksteady Studios Gearing Up For Game Reveal, Likely The Next Batman


As we all know, Rocksteady Studios decided to pass on the most recent installment of the Batman Arkham franchise. Many have been wondering what the studio has been up to in the interim. Information has come to light via Twitter that Rocksteady has held a private session with members of the press. The information from this meeting is embargoed for a month’s time; just long enough for Game Informer to reveal their next cover story. A Dutch games journalist posted an interesting photo and indicated that he’s not allowed to talk about the visit for a month.


If you browse some of the vacancies at Rocksteady, you’ll see that the studio is hiring for environment artists familiar with third person action games that use Unreal Engine 3 or equivalent. It’s likely there’s a new Batman game to be revealed within a month’s time. There’s no indication if the game will be a current, or last gen title based on the verbiage in the listings.

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Dylan Zellmer

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