Is Sony About To ‘Double Down’ On PlayStation?


This morning brought surprising news out of Sony, they’ve sold their VAIO and PC arm. Well, maybe not overly surprising, as the company has expressed that it was exploring options for it’s PC and laptop arm in the past. Another thing to note is that Sony is splitting it’s TV arm into a separate company. This resulted in a painful “trimming of the fat”, 5000 layoffs were announced alongside the sale. But where does this leave PlayStation?

According to industry insider, Ashan Rasheed, PlayStation will find itself in a beneficial position amid the chaos. PS4 has brought about a 64.4% boost in sales to Sony’s games division (PlayStation). It’s now becoming clear that the games business is a very profitable venture for Sony. Thuway reckons that more resources will be allocated to PlayStation,

You all should know though, Sony is serious about gaming. Vaio division gone, TV division on the way out, double down on gaming and mobile.


Coming years I would venture a guess that studios will be beefed up like never before and that PlayStation Now will be on iPads before 2016

It’s terrible to say, but PlayStation may be in a favorable position as a result of today’s news. We’re following up with several sources to see what their impression of today’s sale has on the PlayStation brand.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by today’s sale.

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