Ready At Dawn Talks About The Sophisticated Cover System In The Order: 1886


Earlier this week, industry insider, Thuway teased destructible environments in Ready at Dawn‘s upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886. The feature was not openly spoken about by the development team, so we were left wondering as to how interactive the environments would be. In a new interview with Play 3, a Russian gaming site, Ready at Dawn studio head, Ru Weerasuriya, went into more detail about the sophisticated cover system in The Order: 1886.

Apparently the level of destructibility is very precise in The Order: 1886. So much so that it’s not just about destroying cover, it’s about placing shots on a specific part of that cover to hit your enemy.

for example, the cover system. It is so sophisticated that you can not simply destroy covers but even targeted can shoot holes in this

The studio also talks about different ways of navigating levels, like deforming a metal door to gain access,

Or, as a second example the interaction with metals: the player can deform things made ​​of metal, which probably can not be change in other games. A possible result: Suddenly gaps and ways to do the level design, through which the player can assume.

Of course, all of this information comes by way of rigid translation. Our resident Russian speaking staffer is working on a native Russian translation as we speak. Innovative features like intricate cover destruction and environment manipulation have us even more excited to see more of The Order: 1886.

Second Source: Translated Notes

  • Single player, no co-op. Squad commands may be possible, but will reveal at later date.
  • This war rages for hundreds of years. Future titles could jump around the timeline.
  • Linear world.
  • Main enemies are the Half Breed. Human/Werewolf hybrids.
  • Triangle conflict between Half Breeds, commoners, and Aristocrats?
  • Physics and material destruction lead to dynamic cover system. Shooting metal can reveal new ways to advance through environments. Shooting clothing on a line will result in realistic particles flying through the area. All create a believable world.
  • When asked about which type of gamers this title will attract, they say three things distinguish the Order. Immersion. Varied gameplay. They hate cutscene-action-cutscene gameplay.
  • The world and everything that happens in it play a major role. And finally, combat system. Combining science and fantasy, but always grounded in what was happening at the time with incredible inventors and inventions.
  • Different guns for different situations, they didn’t want to allow the gamer access to all the weapons at once.
  • When asked about melee, they seem to talk about cinematic fighting, a new approach, new twist. Studied many fight sequences to replicate power and impact. Object interaction plays a role in fighting.
  • 1080p/30fps. Not aiming for 60fps, given focus on effects.
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  • Hip2Bsquare

    It’s all well and good to talk up the game but please back it up with gameplay footage. Why do we have to wait….is there a problem? Or just trying to hype it up? I bought my ps4 for this and I’d like to see it already…

  • Walter Measday

    Well, we finally got the no go on co-op, but why has no one asked about a competitive MP? Besides the half breeds, there’s obviously another conflict going on amongst human beings (like some type of class warfare it sounds), so they could do what The Last of Us did and make a faction based MP based off of that side story.

    • luvthesnapper

      no mp