The Order: 1886 Targeting 1080p 30FPS, Spectacular Effects Cited As Reason


We’ve known for some time that Ready at Dawn‘s The Order: 1886 would have a heavy cinematic feel. As such, the studio has gone on record saying that they’re targeting full HD resolution and 30fps. Cinematic games typically have the bulk of the action happening in the foreground. Another┬áreason for specifically targeting 30fps is simple; they wanted high resolution and spectacular effects.

We currently do not seek a 60 frames per second. In a first person shooter that makes sure sense. Also Fighting games are undoubtedly predestined for 60 frames. But for us the cinematic experience is in the foreground – presented in full HD 1080p speak. In favor of spectacular effects and the highest resolution but we restrict ourselves to liquid 30 frames per second.

The words “restrict” and “liquid” were used to describe the FPS, most likely meaning the game will be locked at 30.

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