Is The Length Of MGSV:GZ Worth The Money?


Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes made quite a lot of noise yesterday. Game Informer got their hands on it and were able to play through the main missions in just 2 hours. Of course the news spread like wildfire and people were enraged. MGSV:GZ is 20$ digital and 30$ retail on last gen, and 30$ digital and 40$ retail current gen. The question is, is it worth it?

I think the biggest thing that is upsetting  people is the price. 40$ for 2 hours is asking quite a lot. Had this been priced at 20$ across the board it may have been more acceptable. I understand that not everyone has the same playstyle. It might take people longer if they play it slowly, or it could be shorter if people sped through it. There are still so many things we don’t know about the missions themselves. Like the pacing of the missions, surely the missions would be longer if played on a higher difficulty. Then again different difficulties haven’t been confirmed. Which brings me to my next point.

Metal Gear games have been known for long cut scenes. We still don’t know how long cut scenes are. I assume if the missions are so short, the cut scenes shouldn’t be too long. Either way you look at it the cut scenes take away from the time you could be playing.

Another thing we don’t know is how much replay value it has. Some games that are short are designed that way so they can be played again. The question is after we beat the missions, do the side missions, and if there are any, find the collectibles. Will I have a reason to go back? Spending 40$ on something I can completely finish in a day and not touch again is a problem.

We’ve known for a while that it was already stated by Hideo Kojima that MGSV:GZ would be like a tutorial for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, So I expected it to be short, just not that short. As a fan of the series I’ll still buy it, because honestly for me, I’m itching to get back into the world of Metal Gear. Will it be worth it? I hope so,  I may not understand Kojima’s decisions but he hasn’t let me down yet.

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  • Neco The Sergal

    They have yet to reveal what goodies we’ll get for Pre-ordering, and I swear I remember Kojima saying those who buy the retail/$40 version or ‘Current gen’ will be getting things that have yet to be announced. I find people are just jumping the hate-wagon discriminatingly simply because its the Trend and Fad to hate on the internet. I’ll get the $40 PS4 retail version no matter the length since I have yet to be ‘betrayed’ by Kojima, really. You can keep that kind of logic with other studios or developers like with Gearbox and Colonial Marines….but Kojima, has he done anything wrong with his games so far? No, he hasn’t. Some got butthurt about Raiden in MGS2, but it was still a great game.

    There’s a lot of haters out there, lot of ones pretending to be fans of the series too but as we all know, MGS5’s delicious trailers brought in a huge flock of curious viewers who never played the series before which is a good thing – the bad thing being how many of them are uneducated in the series and how ignorant they are.

    • vashv17

      Yea, like I said the main thing people (fans and non-fans alike) are angry about is the pricing. For me personally 40$ is too much for the amount of content. I’ll get it regardless because I’m a fan but 20$ would be the sweet spot for all the versions IMO. I just really hope there’s a lot of replay value.

      • Neco The Sergal

        The main complaint is indeed the pricing. The rest is nonsensical or minor-nitpicking. Though since we’ve yet to see what our pre-order deals are, or if us getting retail also comes with loot of some kind. I’d not mind. I’ll be getting it since I too am a fan, $40 is a lot indeed but….beyond the “We dont know what else is coming with it and how long the entire game is since the 4 hours spent on it was on the Main-ops alone” part.

        Since R&D is in it, since recruiting and base management are, meaning we get the guns and some gadgets, if weapons can ‘Level’ to tweak and get better per-use and upon repeating rescue missions and rescuing prisoners and recruits, we can bolster Mother Base in preparation for PP. There’s loads of things we surely should be able to do amongst the loot scattered all around the levels if the same thing is gonna happen like in Peace Walker. Which had ammo, blueprints/gun parts, Camo, gadgets and whatnot scattered through every main-op and side-op. BOOTY! That, and Mission-Ranking! And trophy Platinum’ing.

        This SHOULD give the game great replayability and MORE time added to bolster the ‘Run time’. Everything is going to transfer to PP too – so, preparation for events to come. I’m optimistic still of this since I know what to expect and then-some, just a good bit is still not let-out or has yet to be announced. 😀

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