Ubisoft Montreal Assures That Watch_Dogs Is Still In Development


UPDATE: It appears that Ubisoft did not file to abandon the trademark. CEO Yves Guillemot did not sign the request for express abandonment. It appears that someone fraudulently submitted the request. Ubisoft provided us with this statement on the matter,

We are working directly with the USPTO on reinstating the trademark for Watch Dogs and it will be active again in the coming days. The matter has no impact on the Watch Dogs’ development. –┬áRaha

ORIGINAL STORY: Just this afternoon we broke news that Ubisoft had abandoned the trademark filing for Watch Dogs. A fact backed up by the United States patent and trademark office. To our dismay, it appeared that there may be further trouble associated with the title.

Ubisoft Montreal just put our concerns to rest, rather cryptically. The studio replied to a shocked gamer asking if the title had been cancelled. The studio replied,

@griffmeister69 @gooner4life_uk I can assure you that Watch_Dogs is still being polished as we speak. cc. @Ubisoft

If you notice, they intentionally used the underscore in the reply. To our knowledge, the stylized title, Watch_Dogs didn’t have it’s own trademark filing. Ubisoft may be readying a trademark with the underscore being used and wanted to retract the previous trademark, which covered game software.

However, a name change of a different nature may still be on the way. The plot synopsis of Watch_Dogs sounds a bit like an Assassin’s Creed game when thought about more closely. We’ll have to wait and see. As stated before, we’ve reached out to Ubisoft for clarification on the matter.

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