Players “Are Required To Pay For Additional Items And Game Content” In Deep Down


We’ve known that Capcom‘s upcoming online title, Deep Down, was going to be free-to-play for sometime. What we haven’t known is how prominent a role that micro transactions and DLC will play. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono clarified a bit more about the gameplay and pricing strategy Deep Down will follow. When asked about the kind of gameplay we’re to expect from Deep Down, Ono replied,

When we develop an online game, we aim to create a game that allows people already playing it to continue enjoying it. At the same time, we try to avoid boosting the number of players just for the sake of getting new people to play. The game “deep down” is provided free of charge, but players are required to pay for additional items and other game content. To ensure people playing the game don’t lose interest, we will keep working to deliver stable long-term services.

It sounds like players will need to microtransact a fair share of in-game items and even additional content down the road. This is the trade-off when an online title isn’t supported by a monthly subscription fee.

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Dylan Zellmer

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