European Press To See The Order: 1886 Footage Tomorrow


It seems that members of the European gaming press will see an extended bit of footage of The Order: 1886 tomorrow. Antonio Fucito, associate editor at tweeted two separate messages that have been translated. First, he mentioned that he was London-bound on “Orders”

In partenza per Londra, se qualcuno vuole ci sono oggi per un caffè. (at @aeroportidiroma w/ 26 others) 

Now, he’s confirmed that the press will see a 40-minute gameplay preview of the title tomorrow.

Riguardo #TheOrder1886 domani vedrò una demo di 40 minuti giocata, una presentazione e intervisterò gli sviluppatori. A breve l’embargo!

That’s fantastic news as North American press will surely see the footage soon as well. Our best guess for a North American preview would be Destination PlayStation. After the press have had their way with previews etc. it’s likely the video will then be posted for the public to get a good look at.

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  • Trim Dose

    40 min ? holy damn!!, release something for the public selfish bastAr Ds 😀

  • ace-meza


    • DarthDiggler

      I hate seeing handy cam shaky crap videos. I mean I will watch them, but I would prefer for Sony to release another trailer.