Cheaper Xbox One Rumor Squashed, And Another Rumor Quasi Confirmed


We reported Halo 2 was likely coming to Xbox One in November, as part of the massive Xbox One leak that happened last week. One of the rumors pointed to an Xbox One SKU competitively priced with the PS4. That rumor has since been squashed by Aaron Greenberg,

@TheAnchormanV No, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet..

Today, Phil Spencer answered a few Halo 2 on Xbox One-related fan questions on Twitter. First off, I want to stress that this isn’t ¬†outright confirmation,

@nixel_pixel Never get tired of questions on what’s coming. Just can’t always answer as we need news at events. Halo 2 is a good game…


@BobFTW14 Sorry, enough “news” this week…

As the title states, it’s simply him saying that big news, like Halo 2 on Xbox One, needs to be revealed in the right manner.¬†In both instances fans questioned Spencer for info regarding the existence of Halo 2 on Xbox One, and in both cases, Spencer doesn’t deny it’s existence.

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