Pachter: “Xbox One Is Likely To Sell 10 Million This Year”


In lieu of the sheer insanity that ensued on NeoGAF on January 29th, I felt I’d follow-up with industry analyst, Michael Pachter, to get his impressions. Specifically, I wanted to know if the many leaks pertaining to future models of the Xbox One would, in turn, hurt current Xbox One hardware sales.

If you’re unfamiliar with the situation I’m referring to, you can check out the madness here. Within the thread, you’ll see mention of new Xbox One hardware that’s reportedly on the way before the end of 2014. When I first saw mention of a 1TB Xbox One model launching in November, possibly at a reduced price, my first thought was “People will wait for that”.

After oafishly summarizing the many leaks to come out of Wednesday evening, I left the floor open to Pachter,

I think the Xbox One is likely to sell 10 million this year regardless.  There should be that much demand, and I don’t think that most consumers read NeoGAF, so they probably won’t know that a 1TB model is coming in November.


Some will no doubt wait for more games, but I have a sneaky feeling that a lot of people will buy an Xbox One to play TitanFall.


I then pointed out that many news outlets including The Verge, Game Informer and ourselves had printed stories about the leaks, as Pachter had made no mention of them being cited outside the forum. Pachter insisted,

I still feel sales will be 10 million this year

With Pachter foreseeing 10M Xbox One units in consumer hands before the end of 2014, the reported 2015 launch of Halo 5 is sure to be an enormous success for Microsoft. Microsoft recently confirmed it had let loose 3.9M Xbox One consoles into retail by the end of 2013. That means nearly 6M pieces of Xbox One hardware need to move before the end of 2014 for Pachter’s prediction to be accurate. With almost 4M sales in short of two months, his prediction is highly probable.

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  • bigshynepo

    Jan 02, 2014 – “Pachter projects the PS4 to post cumulative worldwide sales of 37.7 million systems by the end of 2016, 30 percent higher than his
    expectation of 29 million Xbox One’s sold. Bringing up the rear will be
    the Nintendo Wii U, for which Pachter projected worldwide sales of 20
    million units through 2016”


      Here is what I see in my state…..


      And don’t feed fun bags he’s a troll and can’t even get it straight when they’re actually talking about good things regarding the XBOne.

      Again solid sales from actual sources is what is going to decide words from just action…… And to put your chips into one IP to make sales for your console is pretty sad….but I know the game….software sells systems, but to come out and say it. Yeah.

      And to assume that there should be “should be the demand” for your 10 million projection…. You hope…..

  • Funballons

    Awesome news as always for xbox one. Let the ps fanboys get mad and complain in the comments lol, no doubt hey will try to puff up their chests saying but but but ps4 will sell 12million! Xbox one only sell 10million! Lol desperate ps3.5 fanboys squirming in their booties lol. Be moved, I no longer respond to trolls as they can’t even fight back so it’s pointless since I always win the arguments. But u sony ponies are free to try, go puff ur chests up, say how powerful ur ps35 is, brag about the lol light bar and microphone, keep showing how desperate u are, and how easily u get defensive not to mention angry lol. I’m done humiliating u ps fanboys in my replies, so with that said, once again no more replies to u sony ponies unless u can actually compete, but we all know u can’t lol. PS3.5 hah be moved baby be moved.

    • Aura7541

      That’s funny because the PS4 is still outselling the XBone on a week to week basis despite still being constrained in supply. The XBone is doing jack**** in Europe and of course, it’s hopeless in Asia. It’s being outsold by a 1.5:1 ratio in its 2nd strongest market, the UK, and is struggling to keep up in the US. You can type “Sony Ponies” and “Sony fanboys” as many times as you want, but constantly throwing insults doesn’t change the ultimate reality.

      • taternuggets

        lol…. cool story fanbro.

  • So a mere week ago he was saying 10 million combined (PS4 + Xbox One) by year end, now it’s 10 million for Xbox One alone? Wow…

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