Halo 2 Anniversary Edition Reportedly Coming To Xbox One, Halo 5 In 2015?


UPDATE #2: Halo 2 released on November 9th, 2004. The purported date of the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition on Xbox One is November 11th, 2014; a Tuesday. A November 11th street date would be the closest Microsoft could possibly get to a 10th Anniversary release. Food for thought.

UPDATE: The source has now said that Halo 5 Beta access will be given along with the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition on Xbox One. Also, Halo 5 is reportedly not coming in 2014, but 2015.

ORIGINAL STORY: A verified industry insider has just outed the development of Crackdown 3, but he/she wasn’t done there. They’ve also given the exact date of when Microsoft will be releasing the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition on the Xbox One. It’s reportedly going to hit X1 next winter, November 11th to be exact, with “all sort of shit” included. You can see the forum post here.

This information has not been announced by Microsoft, but the source has been verified by the moderators at NeoGAF as having intimate knowledge of the going’s on in Redmond, Washington (Microsoft headquarters).

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  • Dennis Crosby

    These industry insiders suck balls 80% are always wrong and the other 20% are people who just like to ruin surprises

    • Shubhendu Singh

      Me too, i rather not listen to these guys.
      If the dev havnt made an announcement its prolly for a reason.
      Except Half Life 3 news, we need an insider at valve asap people.

  • shloob

    This is from an article not that long ago.

    Halo will still hit Xbox One this year. Speaking on Twitter, Microsoft’s Rob Semsey confirmed that fans can “Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014,” adding the hashtag “stay calm.”

    • gimmegimmekevin

      Technically that isn’t saying Halo 5 will hit this year. You’re next Halo journey could just as easily mean an old, remastered one.

      • shloob

        I wouldn’t consider that my next Halo Journey tho, we’ve already taken that journey.

  • YES YE SY ES YES YESYSESEPOISEYR~! (<- fuck typing) I’M SO ABOUT THIS!!! Excite for this year just exploded!! Take it with a grain of salt? Normally? Yes. But Halo 2!!! > ^ <

    Halo 2, Titanfall, Thief, The Witcher III, The Crew, The Division, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros: Wii U, ECT. ECT.!


    • You are flat out wrong

      The Xbone gets a game. You deserve to celebrate.

      • I still can’t believe the irony of you choosing to use that as your username.

  • dapaintrain

    I also read rumors not to long ago maybe 4 months ago that Halo 2 was making its way to mobiles as well but i think that must of been scrapped.

  • Michael Cardwell

    Halo 2 really I played that years ago. Rather have Halo 5 blah….

    • Ryan lee

      oh fuck you you call of duty fag go play halo 4 or puny spartian assult ou 343 ass licker

      • Michael Cardwell

        Fuck that old tired ass game!

        • nate


        • Ryan lee

          Yeah it is tired, do i play it every day no, every month no, i understand that it is tired but Halo 4 is just so terrible, Halo 2 is better even though i don’t play it constantly, as it is a decade old, not because it is bad,which it is great

      • FireGhost

        You get the hell you fake Halo fan both of those games where good games.

        • casey-shotguns

          Halo 4 was never good. Halo 2 is slightly outdated in some regards, but was the top online console game for two+ years.

          • Ryan lee


        • Ryan lee

          Well obviously from your opinion every game that sports the brand name HALO must be a good game, obviously because it is a franchise & triple A game, well the world doesn’t work like that, just because it has a brand name doesn’t mean the next game is gonna be great, just look at halo 4 when halo turned to shit because of 343, there was a time when brand names meant something, Halo from 1 – Reach, they were all great (even halo wars you ignorant FPS player) Wolfenstein,Call of Duty 1 – MW2, Medal Of Honour, GTA 1- GTA 5, although gta 5 is very boring but still a great game

          • Ryan lee

            Cod ghost is another example of a brand name not living up to its legacy, don’t buy just cause brand name, idiot

  • Michael Cardwell

    Well these rumors are kind of guesses if you ask me. Everybody knows Crackdown is coming. Prolly a free 2 play model which sucks. Halo 2 remake hardly news worthy. Where are the new IP’s. Tired of rehashed games.

  • Gabrielsp85

    it lost all credibility when I read NeoGAF

    • Really? A NeoGAF insider tipped me off to Bluepoint Games developing Titanfall on Xbox 360 on January 9th ,and that was just confirmed 2 days ago. The mods check folks out that post rumors, if they can’t prove that they have two sources, or are the source, they lock the thread and close it.


      • Gabrielsp85

        Just like CBOAT right

        • CBOAT predicted resolution-gate and the difference in frame rate between the two consoles. Pretty spot on. I’m not super familiar with folks outside of that community that are insiders, so I wouldn’t know who to compare their success/fail rates to. Would you?

          • Gabrielsp85

            It doesn’t take an “insider” or a genius to know that, PS4 is very straight forward than the X1 and have more raw power, while the X1 arch have a bigger learning curve and premature tools, no TR etc to make use of the console full potential. Ask those insiders how many games are using TR and how many engines are optimized for X1.

          • Glad to see someone who knows what they’re talking about.

            On paper, due to the eSRAM, the Xbox One’s GPU output is actually higher, clocking in at a theoretical maximum speed of 218GB/s where the PS4’s GPU pushes out 176GB/s… Once again, to be clear, this is all in theory, and we won’t see either console maxing out their hardware for several years.

            And ^that^ is only the GPU, not the CPU. Microsoft’s puppy maxes out with a 1.75GHz AMD 8-core CPU, but Sony has yet to confirmed the official speed of their custom AMD 8-core x86 based architecture… Why is that? Hmmm… You’d think if it was more powerful, they’d be touting it like they’re trying to with everything else.

          • Gabrielsp85

            Hey don’t say it too loud, SDF will scream in your face that it’s all MS lies and that eSRAM is the reason most X1 games are not 1080p

          • slumdog hundredaire

            CBOAT is on the run….. Also CBOAT is about 50-50….

  • Kj Kim


  • godlike01

    well halo 2 anniversary better come with halo 1 anniversary as a bundled deal.. cause i see less poiint in owning the halo frachise on xbox “2 then 5” we want the complete deal…1,,,,2.,,,,3,,,4,,,5

    • nate

      dont forget reach and odst

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    If it does happen, I’ll get Xbox One just for that and the new Halo on Xbox One.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Nothing like a bunch of rumours from a recently signed-up user to cover for Microsoft’s blunders throughout January.

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  • Phil

    I really hope a Halo 2 remake happens and I hope it’s done as well as the Halo Anniversary remake. Halo 2 had probably the longest campaign in a Halo game, but was tainted by glitchy physics and muddy graphics. Out of all the Halo games old and new, it needs a remake the most. It would also be legendary if they actually included Halo 2’s multiplayer with it as well (don’t give a toss about the Halo 5 beta…I’ll buy the game when it comes out, I don’t need to be convinced) but hey, I don’t expect Microsoft to make ALL the right decisions: they are making Crackdown 3 after all 😛

  • FireGhost

    Halo 2 was released on the 9th not the 8th.

    • Kenny

      It says the 9th….

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    Will it have the clans from halo 2. That was awesome having built in clans and anyone could make one. The clan had an overall rank and a clan friend list so you could play clan games together. Clan leaders could invite people to join the clan.

  • Nick

    This is very exciting news but it NEEDS to be on PC, at least the Halo 2 Anniversary edition, Halo 5 can be a console exclusive. Microsoft can actually benefit halo 2 anniversary being on PC, they would make a killing off of all of the hard core halo 2 guys on PC. Halo 5 would do better on consoles than on PC, microsoft wouldn’t really benefit too much on making Halo 5 for PC. And also note this; The Xbox One has an x86 architecture, it would be easy as all hell to port it to PC, and make a killing, they wouldn’t have to do much to port it over, making even more profit.

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  • Guest

    Laughing hard at the $0N¥ PauperStation retard desperation on this pauperblog. Delicious!

  • Dragan

    I think a pc port of halo 2 anniversary should be a thing. we can now expect it to be coming out this year as the voice actor for master chief pretty much confirmed it.

    Halo 2 on the pc was incredible and the fact that it was able to have a strong community from launch until it’s end last year is proof that it would be a great success if a “next gen” reboot was ported onto the pc.

    I understand that bungie cut ties with microsoft which is why halo 3 – reach never came out on pc but I don’t see why 343 can’t bring that back and port it.

    I will be happy either way but I know that there will be a massive pc community that will be syked to go back to what I personally think was the best story and multiplier out of any halo game!

    I hope that many of you will agree and that this can be a thing this year!

  • nate

    but eventully i think they will remake every halo game cause they want every gen of new gamer to play them and keep raking in the money but dont you guys think that they might purposly make the graphics bad just so they can make remakes for more money