PlayStation: “We Don’t Have An Indie Program”


After the controversy behind the ID@Xbox program at the end of 2013, I wanted to reach out to Adam Boyes and his team at PlayStation to get some additional insight. Specifically, I wanted to know what they considered the distinction between what Microsoft had going on with ID@Xbox and what Sony was doing to support indies across their platforms. In the end, the manager of developer relations at SCEA, Brian Silva provided me this insightful comment,

While I can’t really comment on other programs, one distinction I would make is that we don’t have an indie program. PlayStation allows for Self-Publishing, which is open to all licensed developers no matter their size and scope, as we have since 2007. What has changed over the past eighteen or so months is that we have been further removing barriers to becoming a licensed PlayStation developer and have been even more active partnering with developers to bring the most unique and innovative titles to the PlayStation ecosystem.

We know that Sony has been supporting indies on the PlayStation platform for years, but as Silva reiterates, they’ve accelerated their efforts in the past year and a half. Presumably in preparation of the PS4 launch. Whether “further removing barriers” means subtracting layers from the submission process, or actively working with devs to ensure smooth sailing from development to release; PlayStation seems to be delivering on their promise.

Silva’s comment also reinforces the fact that indie developed games are on level ground with titles delivered from huge studios. There may be a dedicated indie channel on PlayStation, but the content is intermingled with the rest of the offerings in PlayStation Store. Great content reigns supreme at PlayStation, and it doesn’t matter the size of the studio that creates it.

We’ll have more from Brian and the developer relations team at SCEA in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more exclusive interview content.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • dirkradke

    Sounds like a bunch of crap. I think they are afraid of being labelled and this is a way of saying “Hey, we love independent developers!”, but avoid the whole label issue.

    • TimBuckleyCADComics

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      • Nintendosonyfan

        Lol why so mad bro? Disappointed the ps3.5 I mean ps4 isn’t living up to the hype? Hah don’t worry just chill and play Knack.

        • guest

          What a low-level moron……. Here anyone is more mad and disappointed than you, Nintendosonyfan..

      • dirkradke

        And your comment is supposed to be in response to what exactly? I’m thinking you’re in the wrong thread or something.

    • Nintendosonyfan

      Exactly right, what a cop out sony, but that’s a recurring theme with them.

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