Driveclub Listed For Release In Early March, or June?

Driveclub March

Driveclub was initially delayed out of the PS4 launch window. Just recently we were told the title would also miss the oft rumored release date in parity PS4 Japan launch as well. An online retailer has now listed Driveclub for release on 3/3/2014 (a Monday). It’s tough to tell if this is a legitimate release date. However, most other retailers have a stock, 4/1/2014 release date for the title. Although, PlayStation Italy’s Facebook page referred to June as the release window for the title some days ago, as reflected by major retailer, Target.

At this point it’s extremely hard to tell when the title will launch. Saying it could be due anywhere from March to June leaves a lot open to the imagination. If this listing does pan out as legit, we’ll update.

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Dylan Zellmer

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