Black Tusk Has Been Working On New IP Since Inception


Many thought that Black Tusk‘s fate was decided when news broke that they’d be continuing the Gears of War franchise. Based on a few tweets from Xbox Jobs, there’s another iron still in the fire at Black Tusk,

@ChrisLikesDinos @blacktuskstudio has been working on an all original IP since its inception, we’ve just brought the GoW franchise (1/2)


@ChrisLikesDinos into our portfolio and have not yet determined the future of the new IP at this point. (2/2) (cc @blacktuskstudio)

Phil Spencer has gone on record saying the Black Tusk footage that was shown back at E3 last year was a “concept” and not directly tied to a project. The fact that the future of the new IP is in question leads me to believe it may be on the back burner so the studio can dedicate their manpower to Gears of War. Hopefully the promise of new Xbox IP’s is still alive, and Black Tusk’s unannounced project is alive and well.

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Dylan Zellmer

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