Xbox One OS Reduction Due To Reaction To Resolution-gate


Industry insiders Ashan Rasheed (Thuway) and Pete Dodd (Famousmortimer) have been on quite a roll this weekend, and now it seems they’re capping things nicely. According to Rasheed, developers at Infinity Ward asked Microsoft for more power to make Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One more comparable to the PS4 version, and at first, they were denied.

From someone on the coding team: “We asked if we could use the walled off portion of the X1 GPU to get Ghosts up to pay with PS4.


“Microsoft said Fuck No. Now they are lowering the usage. You can thank the Internet and the blown up resolution gate.”


Developers are thankful for resolution gate for blowing up like it did. It shook things up at MS. It won’t make parity but every bit helps.

There’s no secret that native resolution or “resolution-gate” has been a huge issue for gamers on both sides of the fence. The Xbox One is reportedly getting an 8% jump in GPU power very soon in order to more closely compete with PS4. Basically, the Xbox One’s operating system will soon have less resources allocated to it, and those resources will be available to developers. Thuway was banned from popular gaming forum NeoGAF for not “double-sourcing” his insider information. Again, Rasheed says this info. isn’t double sourced,

OH AND KAGARI @ErrenVanDuine IT IS NOT DOUBLE SOURCED, but I can show you its coming from a good place if you want to check the validity.

It makes sense that Microsoft would want to make more power available to developers to close the gap between the two consoles, but I’ve always thought they had that power on the sideline to unlock more potential down the road and make X1 more future proof.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Dennis Crosby

    I think the resolution-gate should of went as far as it did were playing console.they have fixed specs. As technology gets better the consoles will stay the same. If you want great evolving graphics just build a PC or better yet get a steam box but if you don’t care for graphics just enjoy that console of your choice

    • DarthDiggler

      @denniscrosb:disqus Consoles can have evolving graphics too, as the generation wears on developers can come up with ways to code to replicate features that may only be available via hardware. Sure the PC is the penultimate gaming device but requires a larger budget.

      If you are a multiplayer gamer that prefers a controller, a PC is suicide.

  • Nintendosonyfan

    Just another article trying to play off the fanboy wars and get hits to their websites. All xbox one buyers knew their console was less powerful and bought it anyways, shows how much they think of the ps4 lol. Glad I sold my ps4 as the xbox one is already better after a week of me having it.

    • sam

      xb1 sales have hit rock bottom in January,2014. You never had a ps4 in the first place. One has to be an absolute fool to pay 100$ more for a console that plays games at 720p only

      • Steven Solidarios

        Xbox 3 isn’t a gaming system first. Its a cable box that you can control with your voice sometimes that happens to play games in 720p.

        • Eagles83

          By your logic I guess the Wii U isn’t a gaming first device since it also has tv features. What the hell are you talking about? Resolution and multimedia features do not dictate what the primary purpose of a device is.

          • Steven Solidarios

            Does the wiiU have a cable tuner device inside? Hows are those tv services helping wiiU’s sales? Maybe you weren’t paying attention. Who was Microsoft aiming the xbox at? Tv watching casual gamers? What about the Kinect? Was it really necessary to include that? Dancing games and talking to my game system isn’t that important. What the hell am I talking about? 720p games because they decided to run 3 OS’s, reserve cpu cycles and memory for kinect, and decided to include a cable box because they think gamers are too lazy to change the input on a tv controller. Is the voice features worth a $500 console price? Can you honestly say the xbox’s primary propose is to please gamers?

          • SteveMcStevenson

            Does the XB1 have a cable tuner device inside? Not to piss on your parade or anything, but there is no cable tuner built in to the XB1, it uses a HDMI in and controls your existing one via this route. But then I expect nothing less than this sort of ignorance on N4G comments. Also: re Kinect, if it was not bundled into the console then it would get no 3rd party support, simple. Look at support for the PSEye/Move on the PS3 & PS4 for the prime reason for doing this. You may not want it, but it was a sound business decision by MS.

          • Jordan

            I still think it is a bad decision from the standpoint of a gaming console. Based on Xbox history, they are being release very close to each other in different region and it can be done very easily because it is primary a game console and that’s all you need to market it for. But with the focus that MS is doing now especially with the higher price point, it needs to justify itself, which get difficult now.

            I’ll give you some example, not going to just say something that seems like a personal opinion. It is something that actually happened. 360 have done well early in it’s life cycle due to the way they focus on the system. Price, features, games everything except maybe the the paywall on XBL. The reason why I point out XBL is because it is rather lame to set a pay wall on almost all the online features on the system. I have no issue being asked to pay a small fee to play online if the service is good. I play tons of P2P mmog myself too. But it is lame to expect people to pay for other features like maybe using Youtube? Some may want to debate that if you have no issue paying to play online then why this? It is simple, I will pay to play online if the service is good and provided I have games that I actually want to play online. There will be times where I have nothing to play online and mostly SP games, if that is the case, I would not want to uphold the subscription since I have no use for it. But by doing so, it also basically gimped my console features. Watching Youtube has nothing to do with XBL. It uses my internet which I already paid for to my ISP and viewing contents on Youtube which in no way affiliate with XBL. Youtube is just one example, you should know there are more than that. Also considering later into the life cycle, even we got ads on our dashboard. So I pay for the services and still being spam with ads. That is just greed on MS’s part. Ok let’s move on to another subject.

            Kinect… I believe you aint aware that Kinect does not work like it should in every part of the world. Unless all you care is just in the States. Then if that is the case, just keep the product for sale only in the States. Kinect in where I live, do not even have voice commands for basic voice feature. At least from since it launch all the way up till 2013 it is not supported. I do not know now since I already gave away my 360 since 5mths ago. At the same time you have to realize how much MS advertise the great things about Kinect and it’s voice command but it does not work elsewhere. Then what is the point? Worst of all, not like we pay less for the Kinect. So it cannot be justify for that extra. More over let’s be honest here, unless you are into Kinect only games, which imo they all suck. Kinect is worthless in games. Especially mainstream games for core gamers. So it is irrelevant even if 3rd party support it. It is just a gimmick that does not change the way or experience in core games.

            Now to Xbox One, new thing is the cable feature and new Kinect being mandatory. It is not release in my country yet. But I guess I would know why. Because everything wont work here for me. As you know the cable feature only support on those supported channels. So if they are going to release now in where I live, again it cannot be justify for the price. I highly doubt the voice would work since not even last gen works let alone now. So they need to work with our local cable providers to have something that is worthwhile. Because if they aint doing that, those extras that people are paying outside of States just make it a piece of shit hardware that does not do what is is suppose to do. Guess it is why the console probably wont even be release in where I live until later this year between Sept – November 2014. This is why I feel it is a bad design idea even from business perspective especially for something that is “supposed” to be gaming focus.

            An example of things that actually work on their release. PS4 has voice command too. And you do not need the PS Camera to use that feature. Everyone get that feature out of the box. It is not as detail as Xbox One’s voice feature. But at least it does the basic stuffs. What’s more important is, it actually work in almost every country. The console is not even launch in Japan yet, but for your info voice commands are already working for the Japanese in every units that are sitting in people’s home now. This is how it should be done. Then again this is just an example that is actually reality and not made up. Thou I dont give shit about voice commands either. Because if I do i wont even have bought a 360 last gen because it does not even work for me.

          • Steven Solidarios

            No tuner?! And thats worth a $100 premium to you? Tell me, what killer app uses kinect? Does the voice features work 100% of the time? How about in a mix voiced room environment? Oh you can watch football and have a fantasy league?! I didn’t know I can spend $100 more than a PS4 so I can get what Ive had on a mobile device/laptop/desktop! Oh and get lower standard graphics on games and call them next gen! How dare you even bring up kinect because lets admit it here, the input lag on that thing is atrocious! At least Sony made a REAL business decision and game users and developers a choice whether to support it. Not shove it down everyones throat and say “talk and dance in front of your tv because we say so!”

      • Jason Mourn

        Yet M$ is still going strong financially, just the opposite of sony

        • Steven Solidarios

          Yeah. Not the Sony Entertainment division. This was caused by the fact the computer industry has changed to mobile, the iPod came out and dominated the music player industry,then iTunes, then came the iPhone, tv manufactures are making panels cheaper than ever, and the fact that the Sony networked was hacked didn’t help either. Sony has some catching up to do with less products that are of higher quality with a more realistic price. The PS4 is a device for example. Don’t worry, Microsoft has lost plenty of money with the Surface, the Xbox 360 RROD warranty costs, Windows 8, and the fact that they have to pay people to say nice things about their products. Including in forums. Its all dirty business that they have been doing for quite some time now.

        • TristanPR77

          Lol you think MS is just only the Xbox division. Didn’t you knew MS is looking for the option to sell the xbone division? Lol fanboys

          • You are flat out wrong

            It’ll be a wonderful day when that happens.

      • Eagles83

        Calling someone a fool for buying an xbox is going too far. Just because you wouldn’t doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be a logical choice for someone else. Resolution isn’t everything. Some of the reasons could include online network preference, its what their friends have, controller preference, exclusive preferences, etc. I bought both of the new consoles as they each have their own benefits and I am by no means a fool.

        And you are dishonest when you say that it is 720p only in the first place. Just more inflammatory remarks from someone that is probably mad they couldn’t afford both and feels the need to thump your chest over your decision.

        • Jeremy

          The only way Ill be mad I didn’t buy an X1 to go along with my PS4 is if/when they announce Halo 2 anniversary or their rumored xbox emulation on X1. Oh wait, I won’t be mad. Ill be able to drive to just about any where and pick one up. Why would anyone be mad they didn’t buy an X1? Just wait for a good reason to get one, then go get it. Now the PS4 on the other hand……..lolz

          • Steven Solidarios

            Xbox emulation on xbone? Haha, I don’t think you know how much power is required for emulation.

      • OC Guy

        One has to be an absolute idiot is resolution makes a game good or not… also one has to be an absolute fool is they think every X1 game plays at only 720p… Let me guess you have never even played a game on X1… Well, Sam you not only make a very good fan boy troll you also make a very good fool! Me? I’ll take better games over faster ram any day of the week! Enjoy your powerful system with the boring exclusives.

      • Kelvin Roy Leek

        ryse ? forza?

      • Hates bad writers.

        It’s outselling the 360, and it’s hit rock bottom. You Sony fanboys have such a twisted, delusional, sense of success, that you’ll never actually know what it is. Please, quit being an arm chair analyst, not because you can’t do it, but because you’re bad at it.

      • Collego

        It not about the higher res its all about the gameplay. Even though there is a different between 1080p and 720p on a good TV it is still a great pic and the bottom line is res is not gonna win this gen war…it’s all about the games and gameplay. So stop talking about the nonsense and wait and see what games (console exclusives) are coming out this year that will make the different. All of these games will have to live up to the hype too. Sony has nothing on Titanfall right now (which comes out in about a month) so let the war continue. Either way it is gonna be a fun ride but both camps.

    • bigshynepo

      Stop copy/pasting your spam on every Disqus site.

      • Make them xboners cry

        He just has salty tears because the PS4 is sold out and he had to resort to buying a xbone.

    • Jeremy


    • Fango

      lol i am going to have to call BS on that as well. you never had a PS4 and “sold it” to get an xb1. The xb1 UI is just terrible.

    • Make them xboners cry

      Them salty tears…..Priceless xD

    • DarthDiggler

      You know I have seen these “I sold my PS4 comments” all too frequently on the Internet.

      Talk is cheap bro.

    • Axe99

      So the Xbox One is better because you own it? You must be an incredibly courteous, sociable individual on XBL then :P.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Lets run another 3 OS’s and see if it works!

  • Gamez Rule

    When you think about it there’s nothing stopping the PS4 from freeing up resources allowing extra percentages for devs?. So really Xbone is still screwed in the fact that games will STILL be better on PS4 than MS’s console even after this 8% free up?

    PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 Ram ( with 256MB of DDR3 Ram ) sitting on a secondary processor to help the OS background tasks? All Sony has to do is free up some processes from either one of those GPU/CPU tasks and they too could do what MS will be doing with Xbone. ( Sony did this with PS3 )

    Xbone has 16 ROPS / 12 CU = 768 operations per clock while PS4 has 32 ROPS 18 CU = 1152 operations per clock, and no matter what happens that doesn’t change. So fact is PS4 is the more power machine, hence why games made for both consoles are better on PS4 with better resolutions and frame-rates. ( Tomb Raider Definitive Edition ) used as an example.

    Investigations into PS4’s hardware tear down showed there’s 2 more compute units ( CU ) than
    Sony stated? There’s (20 instead of 18). That’s an extra 128 stream processors. ( While Xbox One has 12 compute units in total ) Now IF the other 2 CUs are redundant, Sony could reactivate them with a patch at any time they liked, and we all know what that means… It would boost PS4’s GPU power by 10%. ( Just a thought )

    • Kelvin Roy Leek

      but the the ps3 was 5 times more powerful at the time according to Sony did it end up that way no Sony lies all the time , its early days any problems at the moment are more software based than hardware as you will see . anyway most people would rather play a good game in lower res than a crap game in high res

      • TristanPR77

        PS3 was more powerful but it was very difficult to develop games. That was the situation. Now the PS4 is more powerful and more easy to develop. Make you guess. Any way, reality proves you wrong.

      • Gamez Rule

        But we know that PS4 ( is ) a more powerful console when compared to Xbox One, so PS3 days shouldn’t come into that fact.

        The truth is the PS4 is more developer friendly than both last gen consoles, as well as Xbox One. So like many people point out “From a performance standpoint, Xbox One will always lag behind” and that’s just the way it is. There’s no lies in knowing that truth.

        Now you posted this.. “most people would rather play a good game in lower res than a crap game in high res” So tell me, what happens when a game is made on both consoles yet one version is lacking behind another then due to console hardware? Say a game Like Tomb Raider Definitive Edition? 1080p on both consoles but one at 60fps and one at 30fps.

  • Ana Helušić

    PS4 winss

  • sazse007

    From a performance standpoint, Xbox One will always lag behind. There’s nothing MS can do to switch positions, cause PS4 has the most powerful hardware. In reality, though, pure raw performance has never been determinant on a console sales success. Just see PS1 (vs N64), PS2 (vs Xbox) and Wii (vs 360 and PS3) at their respective generations. MS must ditch kinect and take a significative slash on price to encourage consumers. Bringing back family sharing would help, also. Thats what I think.

  • Jordan

    imo the 8% is quite irrelevant. because even with that 8% extra, it is still not going to close up the gap from the technical standpoint. since it is clear that the GPU in PS4 is a more superior one (spec wise). But still it is good that MS actually got their head around it now to open up more flexibility for dev. Any additional resource for games is always a good thing.

    • mikefichera

      It could. Lets say that they aren’t getting 60fps at 1080p. (Typically this means that they can’t “lock in” 60 FPS so it dips underneath from time to time) So they lock it in at 30. Maybe they are able to get up to 55-50 FPS at 1080p. The 8 percent could make a large enough difference where, while the game would still be inferior graphically (I imagine they would need to cut back somewhere) they will be able to get 1080p 60FPS.

      • Jordan

        As i have said, I never say it is a bad thing they release the 8%. What I am saying is that it wont make much of a difference because it does not change the hardware itself which is already in the console and shipped. Just like you have said it yourself even if this 8% might let them get to 1080P/60 but it is likely they still need to cut corners here and there which end of the day it would still be inferior when compared. Cuz no matter how they tweak it on software level it is still clear that PS4 has the upper hand on the hardware. And similar software tweaking can be done on PS4 as well which in turn there will still be a gap. Despite this resolution gate thing is probably still going to go on for awhile, MS should just ignore it and just focus on making games and let the games speak rather than wasting time on such small things or trying to do damage control and etc. All are pointless. What is done is done, moving forward is what that only matter now.

        • Gamez Rule

          “Cuz no matter how they tweak it on software level it is still clear that PS4 has the upper hand on the hardware” = 100% correct.

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  • john smith

    This resolution gate issue is just silly bullshit. Both the original Xbox and the Gamecube were more powerful and capable of putting out better looking games but that didn’t matter because the PS2 had all the games. Once the exclusives start rolling out on the X1 all this crap will just fade away.

    Anyone who wants to play Sunset Overdrive, D4, Crimson Dragon, Quantum Break, Project Spark or Titanfall bad enough won’t care about that kind of pettiness. It’s all about the games and MS has thrown 1 billion into development while Sony has embraced Indies and struggles to stay afloat financially.

    Micro has Sony right where they want them this generation and I strongly believe that we’re going to whiteness a turn around in popularity much like we did with the PS3 in the beginning. The PS3 endured a lot of negativity at the beginning of last gen but turned it around by pumping out the games. I feel that this happen with the X1.


    All I have to say is eek out whatever increases you can get M$…… And get ready to pay out those duckets to get those multi platform games to be even close to the others, so the devs can take advantage if your “cloud…..”

    If it really was what it is supposed to be cracked up to be then why is any one not talking it up…. There are a few things I have read from some developers that does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like the promises of having “the power of ten… TEN xbones in one utilizing the cloud!” Such a joke!

    Give it to them that maybe it is not ready yet, but how can you say it is not since some games are supposed to be using it now like forza? All in time I am sure, but there are a lot of “official” people speculating (since this is their job) the resolution gate only getting worse in lieu of the XBOne.

    • Gamez Rule

      Agreed. And to be honest I can’t understand why xbots cannot just face facts that the PS4 is simply the more powerful console while also being cheaper than Xbone. Can’t can’t argue against that really?

  • teufel

    Fact, if Sony wanted to foot the bill they could leave the One in the dust with every multiplat release, and the sad thing is that the One will likely be the locked in console for 8+ years like the 360.

    Sadder still is that if Nintendo really wanted to fight dirty, when they launch their next system in 2017ish, give or take a year, they could short change Sony and match the One which would encourage developers to keep short changing PS4 owners or match the PS4 and leave One owners with the down ports.

    But it is all worth it if you can yell at your tv and move your hands to shrink the screen to show the same data you could view in your hands on a tablet, smart phone, gamepad, laptop, etc….

  • rock*sucks

    Anyone ever hear of to much power? Guess not. A consoles insides are only as powerful as you make them. If they can’t utilize the power then it’s all just hyped up bs. So basically both consoles are lying to us. Ps4 cant even friggen play a cd. Both have a lot to make up for. I have both and am lucky to have got taken a ps4 before they sold out but they both are too over hyped to even get into the resolution bit. I’m am very disappointed. Glad I kept my ps3. Stick of truth!!