Microsoft Are Definitely Revealing Something Big Tomorrow


Microsoft exec Phil Spencer sounded off on Twitter earlier this evening with a very interesting and to the point Tweet,

Personally going to be a good day tomorrow, looking forward to a games announce coming early in the morning, fun part of the job.

Leaving us to wonder what it could be. His verbiage “games announce” is probably only referring to one game, although it could mean multiple. Another prominent Xbox figure, Major Nelson has just made this brief comment,

Looks like I’ve got a a busy morning coming up tomorrow 🙂

Thuway has thrown his hat into the ring with a prediction. Something he seems especially confident about.

I wonder if Microsoft is going to announce League of Legends, Hawken, and their indie parternships tomorrow morning…

Odds are they’re talking about the same thing. If Hryb and Spencer are teasing the same news, it’s probably something big. We know that the ID@Xbox camp doesn’t have anything for us at the moment, Chris Charla clarified that after some folks misinterpreted his Tweet. If Thuway is on the right track, League of Legends could be a huge “get” for Xbox One. What’s in store for tomorrow morning, and what damn time do I need to be awake!?

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • kevin

    More exclusive games , am talking outright exclusives no more timed BS and Remedy has become first party . Gears is remaining Exclusive and coming to Xbox one .

    • bigshynepo

      Gears Franchise news would surprise me actually. Not unwelcome, just a surprise. *crosses fingers*

  • Hates bad writers.

    Well I hope it’s something good, but I hope it’s an extensive reveal over a teaser. I want to see gameplay on these new machines, and not the fluffed up crap that EA gives us with the best parts (hiding all the faults).

  • kevin

    Am keeping an Eye on his tee shirt , cause if theirs a logo on it MS just bought them

  • mad games

    That is odd not because Their announcement but the time,if this announcement is a big AAA game why they didn’t announce it in e3 or maybe they announce this game for give it time and hype before release this year,that my opinion.

    • Jeremy

      It is a big AAA, sort of. Halo 2 anniversary. That’s where my money is.

  • bigshynepo

    League of Legends for Xbox One would be a giant coup for Microsoft.
    However, I’m still expecting a last minute delay for Titanfall. I mean, how were they just running alpha tests on a game coming out in 5 weeks? Some big games have been delayed with even less time until launch so I hope Phil’s news isn’t just some “Good” before the “Bad”. Don’t disappoint me, Microsoft!

    • Derrick Ford

      You got to admit…that Titan Fall Alpha was running like a Beta!

      • bigshynepo

        I used to play Quake 1 Team Fortress on 320X280 resolution to keep the ping low and that’s what I suspect was going on with the Alpha. I hope it runs as smooth when the textures are turned up to their proper res and 2 million people are bumrushing the server. If we haven’t heard of a delay by Mid Feb, I think we’re a go for the March launch.

  • vashv17

    I play league and I’m not PC master race guy or a fanboy for sony or microsoft, but if they do bring League to the XBox One, it would be interesting to see how they do the controls. It would take a hell of a lot of getting use to. But if we could use our mouse and keyboard it would be nice.

  • That’s the one 🙂 Told ya it was going to be big.