Jonathan Blow’s The Witness Will Support Valve’s New VR Tech

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A while back we’d posted an update from Jonathan Blow’s The Witness. If you recall, back in November, Blow made a vague post about possible VR support for the title. As of then he’d just begun getting to know Valve‘s new approach to VR, today he confirmed that The Witness would support Valve’s new VR tech. He also shared his thoughts on the companies prototype,

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at Valve’s virtual reality system. It is so much better than anything else I had used that I was instantly very excited by it. Right away I could see games you might design for this system that had been impossible before; so it isn’t just a matter of the system being very immersive (which it is) but that it can take video games in general to a new place.

Our last update revealed that The Witness would feature over 500 unique puzzles, a scale that’s simply too large to FULLY support the HMD (head mounted display) at present. However, as Blow remarks,

that is the kind of problem that gets solved over time

This adds yet another layer of intrigue to what is already a great concept. We’ll keep you up-to-date as more information becomes available.

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