Supposed EA Source Harshly Explains Why The Publisher Stopped Supporting Nintendo


A supposed source from within EA has reportedly gone on record with some very strong feedback on why Electronic Arts stopped supporting the Wii U platform. In a very lengthy piece over at CVG, an anonymous source at EA stated,

“Nintendo was dead to us very quickly,”


“It became a kids IP platform and we don’t really make games for kids. That was pretty true across the other labels too. Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business, and EA like Activision is only focused on games that can be big franchises”.

These statements seem to indicate that EA has no vested interest in the “kids games” market, but one of their flagship franchises, Plants vs Zombies would argue otherwise. There’s also titles like Hasbro Family Game Night (on its fourth installment), Rango The Video Game and 22 other kids titles the publisher has brought to Nintendo’s Wii console.

Obviously a searing statement like the one in question isn’t going to have an identifiable source. I wouldn’t think EA wants to burn the Nintendo bridge just yet, but this seems a bit out-of-place, even for EA.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Wow that seems silly on EA’s part. The kids market is still huge. Do they not see the Pokemon X/Y sales? What’s to stop them from trying to invest in that market?

    • James Fitzgerald

      Pokemon X/Y sales is fueled more by the “kids” who are now adults that are buying that game not really kids of today. My college classes were filled with young adults playing 3ds xl pokemon games.

      • Pokemon X/Y sales is fueled more by the “kids” who are now adults that are buying that game not really kids of today.

        Ha, there’s always going to be new kids to fill the grown kid’s place. It’s like people seem to think when they get older there’s not going to be another generation to follow or something.

    • lol

      thats not the point, EA just dont make “kid games”

    • Guest

      You’re such a pathetic LOSER, typical GAF Sonytard!

  • Colin Tosh

    EA is just annoyed because secretly they were talking with Nintendo to block used games and N told them to f*** right off. I hope EA spend every penny they earned on BF4 patching it.

    I get tired of hearing these third parties talk like Nintendo owe them something when its just spite because Wii was a monumentally successful pie and EA never got a piece of it. Boo hoo EA. Cry me a river.

    EA are the Microsoft of third parties. All they are trying to do is control how we use our products but they are barking up the wrong tree because it is illegal. They should just get their heads out of their inflated backsides because games are no different to any other market.

    People say “I buy a DVD/car/toaster/book or whatever and the person who made it doesn’t get a cut from the used sale” and corporate apologists cry that “games are different”. Yet not one single person has come forward to say WHY games are different with used sales.

    Different? GARBAGE! European laws say video games and computer software in general are no different to any other market but you guys are above the law aren’t you?

    EA, like Ubisoft, Activision and Capcom, have seen what they can get away with and they are pushing the consumer for every penny to see what they can get away with.

    Nintendo were right to tell you self entitled money grubbing suits where to stick your online restricting platform you call Origin. The truth behind this “gamer entitlement” is that companies in this market are getting far too greedy for their own good and I hope it kicks EA where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • dapaintrain

      Well BF4 is still a bug ridden POS that will never be fixed.

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      You do realize that other than your example of DVD (and sometimes books) there is a difference in used games and a toaster and a car in that those things will NEVER be exactly the same as when they were used for the first time? A car loses value the minute you turn the key to drive it off the lot. A game will play the same for you today as it will for you in a week and possibly someone else 10 years from now (unless it’s online reliant I guess, and even then there are private servers on the PC side of things).
      Also, to be nit-picky, we never actually “own” the content, just the discs/cartridges that the games are put on. That’s why there’s a limited warranty on games (especially back in the day) as the publishers/developers never “owed” anyone another copy of a game if theirs got destroyed, regardless of how much proof of purchase you have, IF you did own the software, that wouldn’t be a problem (if you stop and think about it).
      So, yeah, it’s not illegal…at all.
      Also, Micro-transactions are as much EB/Gamestop/GAME’s doing than any publisher. Everyone is losing their shit about DLC but it’s there (and released shortly after launch) to entice people to keep their games while there is still a good chance the game can be sold as new. We (generalizing) as all too happy to save $5 and line the pockets of those running the second-hand market but get so offended that publishers want to get profit from products they make. It’s illogical.
      I can’t wait for world-wide high-speed networks and non-existent caps so we can go all digital and publishers can decide on content sales and price drops based on demand (like steam) instead of trying to chase the aftermarket.

      • eltate’sels

        Very true and very unfortunate on the concept of ownership.
        I also agree with the all digital future; it makes one believe that PlayStation Now is the future of gaming, and that Microsoft has been planning the same thing with their azure(is that bame correct?) cloud.
        On Nintendo, they need to make a slightly underpowered (read: low cost) console based on x86 architecture making next (erm current?) gen ports easier. Sure they would be a little graphically inferior but they’d be there, and it’d still have the greatest(read: opinion) first party games ever. The gamecube was a great console because it followed a similar guideline.

        But this is nintendo, so they will plow ahead making the wii u profitable somehow because nobody does profit like the big N. And in two-three years we will see another crazy stupid dope handheld system with amazing games.

      • Colin Tosh

        I’m not offended that publishers want more profit from the products they PUT OUT (not make, developers do that). I am offended because the truth is this was brought on by nothing but greed in the first place. Sorry but if anime publishers who distribute DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in extremely limited and small markets can offer you absolutely everything that comes without complaining then I can’t believe that companies that make as much income as EA or Activision NEED the money like they pretend to. They want every last dime because they are getting high on their own power.

        I know how the software rights work but just because they only license it out doesn’t make it “different” to anything else. Video games are a product like any other and they ultimately have the same moral and legal rights that every other product on Earth has. The reality is companies in this market have just found ways to exploit the distribution successfully. That only furthers their “need” of your money. These companies are living in a fantasy land where everything will go their way but the reality is that people won’t put up with everything you expect them to bend over for. That is why XBO was negatively received.

        If you read the article about the Aliens suing, the law still ultimately treats video games as no different than any other product out there. Just because there is no outright law to say people don’t actually own everything on the disc doesn’t mean it should be made differently. That is what these companies can’t seem to get through their heads. You are not told to cough up £5 extra for the ending of a DVD which exists on disc so why games? Because they saw they can get away with it and they exploit that.

        They’ve seen there are things they can (and have) control so they are just working up what money grabbing practices they can and their scapegoat for all this is “rising development costs”. But see my example again. Anime distributors in extremely limited markets can get by without crying to block used DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. So why can’t companies as rich as that? These companies don’t “need” the money. They are just getting far greedier and have found more ways to control stuff than other markets. That was my ultimate point there.

        I would argue those anime distributors need the money far more than EA, Activision or Ubisoft do.

        • HalfBlackCanuck

          1- I don’t understand how your opening statement completely ignored a large portion of the point I made.
          The anime
          2- Anime distribution in NA is actually a blueprint for corporate greed stemming from a popular money generator into something super diluted. Maybe you should read up on how companies charging high prices for imported content had nowhere to go but to charge the same inflated prices for anime of MUCH lesser quality.
          3- People buy movies multiple times all the time. Studios do this intentionally. Ever heard of Director Cuts? Special Extended Editions? Remastered? Uncut? These come out as long as 25 years later and as little as 19months. And these aren’t add-ones but completely new purchases, usually at what would be considered full price.
          4- Point me to ANY multi-billion dollar industries dealing in used books, music or movies. Most companies that even do have used sales in these markets sell hard to find items, not used version of brand new content

          • Colin Tosh

            1. Sorry. I saw the part where you said “to get so offended” and thought that was a question directed at me.
            2. I have no idea how anime distribution works in the States but I am aware of the UK market. Anime companies close up as fast as they open here because it aims at a niche fanbase. Yet you get DVDs which get cut to one fifth of the original price in just two months. For video games here it tends to be 4 months before the price even budges. The reason they go down in price is lack of interest though. Seeing how fast they have closed shows companies that really need money. Anime companies genuinely struggle in niche markets.
            3. The point with that one was to group a single DVD release with a single game release. True your point is similar to Capcom’s most infamous practice. You are right on that one. When you originally buy a DVD you get everything on the disc. When you buy a game, you get told you have to cough up for what is already finished on the disc. Whereas years ago we could just unlock that content by playing the game. I am partially old fashioned in which I believe that things should come as they always came but because of the fast growth this industry had in recent years these companies are getting higher and higher because the money is in far greater abundance.
            4. I need more detail about what you mean with this one.

          • HalfBlackCanuck

            #4 is in regards to my theory that used sales have cannibalized new sales. GameStop (US) EB Games (CAN) and GAME (UK) have some of the largest profit gains because they can sell the same one item multiple times. They make billions off of games someone has used and traded in by being sold to the next guy for a fractional saving. In dealing with pre-owned, movies, music, nor books have ever had that kind of second-hand market. A used movie, even when it’s newly released, is often 25% less than new (unless difficult to find/limited print). Used books mostly go to thrift shops, These don’t generate the kind of money to make people filthy rich and they aren’t industries where people opt to save a few bucks buying brand new things for a savings (I’ve bought used movies but rarely within the first year of release.
            IMO, pirating and buying used are the same thing. Both cases I want to enjoy a game without awarding the people who made it (in any capacity). Again, my whole opinion is tied to the fact that used games are a large part of why rampant DLC exists. I only buy into DLC for games I absolutely love. Other games I just stick to the original content.

    • bigevilworldwide

      How much do you get paid working at Nintendo? I mean you must since you clearly know that Nintendo told EA no about them running their network….Nevermind that network wise Nintendo is the most incompetent of the 3 companies, and probably told them NO because they wanted to run their own network….It probably had NOTHING to do with not wanting to block used games or whatever you mental midgets cry about when you try to pretend it’s some conspiracy…..

      This is the same Nintendo that stated before the N64 launched that they didn’t need 3rd party titles or care about getting 3rd party titles, only to back peddle the minute the N64 sales suffered because of that….Clearly Nintendo thinks that they can run everything themselves, clearly they needed origin or steam since Valve was talking to them also

  • godlike01

    so true.. thats why i didnt buy a WIIu its for kids/pedophiles and grown ups who like kid shit

    • Abort Mission

      Lol, this made me laugh even though it’s a troll comment

  • TruthHurts

    Come on… All of their sports games are solidly marketed for kids as well as adults.

  • 5KProjecta

    Mass Effect 3 on WiiU bombed because EA released the Mass Effect Trilogy on 360 and PS3 at pretty much the same time. If they had just released the trilogy on WiiU too I would have bought it on WiiU. EA shot themselves in the foot on that one.

  • Orange Lada

    It’s okay EA. I’m there buying the adult games from Ubisoft for the Wii U and I’ve written EA off ….. even if they come out with something good – on ALL my platforms. PS3? Check. Andriod? Check PS4? Check

    Yeap …. that is how popular EA is with me – I refuse to buy your product.

    Just so you know and understand that the feelings are mutual.

    • Convergence87

      ubisoft is having problems from the wiiu too remember rayman? Look its a business and if a platform isn’t selling enough consoles; whos going to buy the games?

      • Orange Lada

        You miss the point, my friend. Has nothing to do with how well anyone does on a platform.

        The point is – I HATE EA. They’ve brought me to that point over many years. I HATE them.

        EA is reaping what the sewed and apparently I’m not alone in my assessment of the “Worst Company in America”.

        • Convergence87

          anyone who votes ea for the worst company in america is increibly ignorant of world events and all the other much much worse companies

          • bigevilworldwide

            Yep….Not sure why the morons keep going on about how proud they are that they got EA that title when there are so many other real world issues worse that video games

        • Orange Lada

          Spoken like EA apologists.

          EA deserves the hatred. Does some other company deserve “worse company”? Maybe – and who cares? I don’t.

      • Colin Tosh

        Rayman sold best on Wii U though. A more appropriate example would be Zombi U. Ubisoft is just another who get what they deserve on the platform. They claim to back it so heavily but their multiplatform ports are either missing key features (Splinter Cell) or they aren’t supporting it beyond putting it on the shelf (Assassin’s Creed IV). Its exactly the same with Vita. EA and Ubisoft put some shoddy versions (Fifa and Rayman) on it and were given the finger by the fanbase.

        • bigevilworldwide

          You know ZombiU flopped right? It’s still broken to this day and it wasn’t very good to begin with…It obviously flopped enough that Ubisoft stated it flopped and there would not be a sequel…It was also one of the 3 games I owned before I sold my Wii U and it sucked it was ugly and clunky and broken, there are still people who haven’t been able to finish it becasue of the glitches…Yet Ubisoft couldn’t be bothered to fix the game before they dropped the game

  • dapaintrain

    Probably from a studio like Dice who work under EA and make adult based games but are not EA themselves.

  • dskhury

    Activision is focused on games that can be big franchised? Activision had the most pathetic lineup for 2013 considering it´s size and business method.


    I also work for EA and the real reason why we dont bother with the wiiu is because we dont want to have to make more patches for the wiiu versions of our games when we release broken garbage(every game we make).

    • Orange Lada

      Sorry – you have my sympathy!


      You’re all over the place talking up smack about things you have no idea of….

    • You’re Unemployed Now

      Congratulations losing your job at EA. If you haven’t already I can guarantee that by next week you won’t. Your IP is probably going to get traced and reported. SO I hope you’re not posting this at “your job at EA”

  • vakarian

    The reason that those games didn’t sell to good is because they released old games that everyone who wanted to play already did or because they released incomplete versions at full price as for mass effect 3 mabey it would have sold better if they hadn’t released the trilogy a few weeks later.

  • smashbrolink

    I’m sorry, but I really have to contest that statement.

    “Even the Mass Effect title on Wii U, which was a solid effort, could never do big business”


    Yeah, they released the game, FOR FULL EFFING PRICE, at nearly the SAME
    they tried to make up for two whole game’s worth of playtime, of
    building relationships and making choices and getting to know the

    See, this
    is precisely the kind of bold-faced horse-shit I have been talking about
    for a while now; third parties like EA have gotten too uppity and
    Mass Effect 3 on Wii U was NOT a solid effort, it was a damned COP-OUT.

    Much like MOST of the Wii U’s third party line-up during launch.

    EA, if Nintendo was dead to you shortly after launch, IT’S BECAUSE YOU

    Damned effing haughty sons-of-B****** really grind my gears.
    They’ve got no right to bash on the Wii U when most of their efforts on the console thus far were absolutely piss-poor.

    If they had tried making a brand new core-oriented IP and the game
    actually did turn out to be fantastic but still no one bought it, then
    maybe they’d have some room to talk, but as things stand?
    Whoever this anonymous source is, really needs a good kick in his haughty effing TEETH.

  • Adam

    I find it hard to believe that an EA employee said this and even went on to mention Activision in the same sentence. Bullshit.

  • Marc

    The fact is the Wii U is a dead console. It’s already outsold by the real next gen consoles and they’ve barely been out. Developing for Wii U isn’t smart business wise and Nintendo fanboys don’t care. They will just rage like idiots until Nintendo is dead and making third party games like SEGA

  • ace-meza


  • Neco The Sergal

    I see a lot of Nintenyearolds that are so butthurt that they’re making up incessant excuses to try to compensate the fact of the news story.

    It’s a serious story that talks about NINTENDOS FLAWS and their problems, how their perspective and stubbornness is infact leading them to losing developers, games, ports, everything in terms of 3rd party studio support which is detrimental beyond their first-party titles.

    What do the Nintendo fanboys do? They ignore the seriousness of what trouble Nintendo is in by blindly supporting them with angry words towards EA and talking about Their flaws and why they’re nobodies anyways like “GOOD RIDDANCE WHO NEEDS YOU LAWL BF4 IS POOP ANYWAYS HAR HAR NINTENDO IS STILL AWESOME!1!!” type of comments?

    Nintendyearolds have to get their head out from their ass, this ain’t the 90’s anymore and we’re not living in Nintendos Prime days and Reality and Nostalgia-trips don’t mix as long as you guys tend to visit the Nostalgia-World. It’s like Nintendo fans are stuck in in Rainbow Road Limbo for all eternity in your minds.

    • Colin Tosh

      This is silly to talk like Nintendo need third parties. Third parties had zero contribution to the success of DS and Wii. The success of those systems was entirely based on Nintendo themselves. Arguably Monster Hunter had a factor to play towards the success of 3DS but Nintendo had secured that one so again, it was mainly down to Nintendo’s movements..

      IF third parties had a hand in the success of Wii then this argument would hold ground but they didn’t. It was entirely Nintendo’s own hand that made those systems successful. The only manufacturer third parties contributed towards success was Microsoft and that was only because EA bribed them with their servers.

      • Jason Mounce

        Zero contribution to the success of the DS?…. or at that 3DS? …..Yyyyeaaa….No. Pokemon did a lot of work but to say that…. well, likely is why Nintendo fans are in the position that they’re in. With nearly zero third-party support especially.

        Nintendo did make a lot of games for DS and that’s all well and good however and especially to the Wii, The the amount of Wii systems sold, more casuals that played Wii Sports or the like owned the system more than people bought a Wii to play Mario kart or SSB or Mario games. This number is dwindling – Every – Generation. The only time ‘Numbers’ show otherwise you have to keep in mind, that the Software sales only look extremely positive and high for the ‘Top Sold’ because they were statistically attached to Wii Hardware Bundles. Not because people bought a Wii, then bought all those games that were favoured or recommended.

        It is true however in the end that Third-party support lacking is the Nintendo Fans’ fault because it is as you even put it in mentality, fans buy the hardware ONLY FOR Nintendos software. However, Nintendo was The place to go for all developers in the past, many of the handheld Zelda games and the newer game adaptions to their IP’s were from studios outside of their own like Capcom and Zelda. Though, Nintendo gained profit not because of their hardcore or softcore demographic, but because the appeal that the Wii game was to so many types of people, that now have no interest in Wii U. It isn’t attracting anyone who could just keep playing Wii or get a PS3 or PS4 instead of a Wii U.

        In the end, I think you stating Third party had NO hand or 0% in the success is just a hilarious slap to the face and a strong indication as to why Wii U is in the condition it is. The fanbase whines for games, but only if Nintendo makes them. If they get great games that third-party developers make, they just go LOLNOTHANKS.

        Which is also why I feel sorry for the Platinum Devs who’re making Bayonetta 2 FOR YOU GUYS. It will clearly sell like shit, hurt the studio and Nintendo did this for you guys anyways as Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t have came to be without Nintendo, and they’re trying to get more games out for you guys but you guys just won’t buy them….

        Ehnn, oh well. I’ll just keep observing and seeing what silly moves that Nintendo makes regarding Wii U and their next console iteration if not another price slash to $199 to get sales, to get hardware out and lose money, to then make games and regain profit by selling software. Which is how they sorta did business before but not anymore.

        • Colin Tosh

          I’ll start by addressing your Bayonetta 2 comment. This wouldn’t be happening without Nintendo. Know why? The third parties you think so highly of couldn’t care less about it. Konami didn’t want it. They dumped Rising on Platinum and denied them their own work. Platinum have their pay for Bayonetta 2. They are paid by Nintendo to develop the game. All the money made for it goes to Nintendo. It is their responsibility. You can argue Nintendo fans won’t buy it but nobody can buy it without Nintendo publishing it. Nintendo is using it as a stamp on their library that stands out like Pandora’s Tower on the Wii. My key point = third parties won’t bring it to “YOU GUYS” and you are clearly the people who buy it. As far as they are concerned you aren’t worthy enough of the game being funded for because they don’t believe you exist. That is another problem I have with these publishers as a whole. As you are doing with Nintendo fans, they say “NOBODY CARES about Bayonetta 2”

          If it is Nintendo fans specifically then why are third parties giving the same kind of thought with the Vita? Its exactly like others here have pointed out. They put out shoddy attempts and the fanbase retaliates as they believe they should get equal treatment. When they see it fail they decide their games are just too good to put on the systems. So tell me, if the problem is specific to Nintendo fans (as you seem to claim) why don’t EA have Vita on their priority list? I mean Sony fans can truly understand EA’s greatness so that isn’t the excuse on this one.

          Its precisely what others here have pointed out. EA, Activision and Ubisoft have ALL put the systems on lower priority despite the fact they speak so highly of them. Remember EA saying how great Vita would be? And what did they give it? A dang re-release of Fifa last year. Any guesses why it didn’t sell?

          Of course poor numbers of Need for Speed Most Wanted meant both missed the sequel. Third parties think they can get something for nothing and when people call them on it by keeping their wallets closed they jump ship and say the system was a waste of time. The thing you need to ask yourself is if the third parties were treating your system with that type of disrespect when they were around, why should you care when they walk? They will only cop out on you if they give you a port.

          Think about this as a Wii U only owner. Every time you got CoD on Wii you got terrible versions of it. So why would you buy Black-ops II after all the terrible installments they gave you on Wii? And the lack of advertising and pushing it forward doesn’t help it. Every single fanbase on Earth will turn their back on you if you keep burning them. And the article addressing Mass Effect 3 is funny because that came out after the complete trilogy on the others and at a more expensive price.

          If third parties did this to PS4 or XBO, you too would be convinced they want their games to die on it.

  • King B

    nintendo go bye bye lol worthless company anyways

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