Starbreeze’s In-Development Game ‘Storm’ Is “Payday In Space”


According to a document that Starbreeze Studios presented as an investor report, they have a new game in the works called Storm. Based on verbiage in the document (Swedish), it’s described as “Payday in space”. It’s said to use some of the same tech from the popular Co-Op heist game.

According to Starbreeze’s recent investor report (in Swedish), their upcoming game Storm is “Payday in space.”


Storm uses tech and design from the Payday games, according to the report.


Well, a fusion of Cold Mercury and Storm, a similar project Overkill were apparently working on prior to Starbreeze acquiring the studio.

The project is said to have possibly been in development at Overkill prior to Starbreeze acquiring the studio. So how about it? Bank heists in space? Space cash?


Rough translation from Google:

Storm Starbreeze runs a game project with the working title storm. The game is based on a proprietary concept and is based on the technology behind Payday games. Storm kannärmast summarized as “Payday in space.” The creditor co-op shooter in a sci-fi environment that takes advantage of the design we have created in Payday games.

Source: NeoGAF – Shinobi602

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