Dead Space Developer Is Shipping A New Game This Fall, Possibly Battlefield Related


A while back, speculation began that Visceral Games may be developing a new installment in the Battlefield franchise. This hypothesis was heavily fortified by many pieces of evidence. One huge indication was Visceral’s hiring of Scott Warner (Halo 4 lead designer) as he said back in September,

Today I’m starting work as a Design Director for Visceral Games. Excited.

A slew of QA testers with FPS competencies were also hired by the studio. Throw in the fact that Visceral outright stated they were working on an “upcoming next gen shooter”, and the case is pretty solid.

Visceral Games Battlefield

Now, industry insider Superannuation stated,

No idea what it is, but apparently Visceral Games is shipping a game in the fall.

Fall is generally when Battlefield ships, in direct competition with Activision’s annual Call of Duty installment. There’s also the fact that almost everyone at Visceral worked on Battlefield 4.

Also, you may, or may not remember that Visceral was responsible for Battlefield 3: End Game and this becomes even more compelling. Hopefully we’ll have confirmation of what the studio has been working on very soon. It’s possible that EA is waiting until E3 to properly lift the veil on the project, but in the meantime, things are looking pretty solid that Visceral will be shipping a Battlefield game this fall.

Evidence Source: NeoGAF

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