Wii U’s Perceived Failure Rests Squarely On Iwata’s Shoulders


We know that Nintendo is heading back to the drawing board after having to drastically adjust it’s Wii U sales forecast. A slew of industry professionals and financial analysts have weighed in on Nintendo’s current situation. Yoshihiro Okumura of Chiba-Gin Asset Management Co. in Tokyo said the blame rests with upper management at Nintendo stating,

“The Wii U hasn’t sold well because of Iwata’s misjudgment,”


“He needs to show a new strategy.”

Recently, Iwata did mention plans to execute a new strategy for Nintendo, citing the mobile gaming space as a prospective market that Ninty has yet to tap. Hopefully Iwata and company can formulate a new plan that will revitalize Nintendo. Wii U may have only been on the shelves since November of 2012, but drastic action may have to be taken to forego it’s perceived failure.

Source: Bloomberg

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • stealth20k

    Nintendo is doing fine. It was the most successful out of the big 3 in 2013

    • cozomel

      oh yeah, how so? fanboys are so delusional! Adn why is even Iwata admitting it huh? And p.s. PS4/X1 sales are destroying it right now

      • Nintendont


      • stealth20k

        3DS is outselling Vita, PS3, Ps4 combined. Whose destroying who?

        Nintendo sold 20 million more units of software than sony in 2013.

    • Nintendont

      Lol fine? 3 straight years off losses as in no profit, yup doing fine lol.

  • Bob

    I’ve been saying it since 2011: Iwata needs to go. He did great with the Wii and DS, but times change, the video game industry has changed, and it’s clear that Mr. Iwata’s main weakness is that he is extremely slow to adapt and change. Sorry Iwata-san, but Nintendo doesn’t need you anymore.

  • Nintendont

    He needs to be gone or to remove his head out of his ass(will never happen). Stick to handhelds Nintendo, leave consoles to the big guns.

  • King B

    iwata should stay until the bank forecloses nintenflops