Here’s An Example Of Titanfall’s AI In Action (Analysis)


Titanfall‘s closed, don’t talk about it Alpha is underway. Logically, people have been posting screenshots and video since the thing has started. This video in particular seems to be a good indication of what we’re to expect as far as Titanfall’s AI goes.

The fact that this video is reflective of an Alpha build shouldn’t necessarily mean that the AI isn’t in a finished state; although it could. Alpha usually has to do with scaling back resolution and texture quality to stress test the core game mechanics, but who knows what Respawn is up to.

The video itself shows the fast-paced, frenetic gunplay that Call of Duty (West and Zampella’s legacy) has become known for. It also showcases some of the new mobility features that are exclusive to Titanfall. Another fact worth noting is the overall useless nature of the AI in the video. The human player runs blindly into a building that no less than 8-10 AI inhabit and comes out of the skirmish alive.

If this is indicative of the AI behaviour in the final product; I’m worried. In the past, the description and role of Titanfall’s AI has been muddled at best. Respawn has gone on record stating that they are more than “bots” and that the AI should be considered a class of it’s own. While Polygon described them as cannon fodder within an interview piece featuring Respawn staff.

I tend to lean towards the latter of the estimations after watching this video. As I said before, it’s possible that the state of the AI is not representative of what will ship with Titanfall on March 11th, but it’s no less jarring to see the poor state that they’re currently in.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • lon3wolf

    Dunno about the bots dodgy AI the person playing was shooting his team just as much as the enemy one.

  • mos

    its a freaking alpha used to test online servers, this build could be months old. there is a reason why they got people signing NDA’s -___-. to prevent people like you from doing reviews and analysis on an unfinished product and start passing judgment.

    also you yourself are going to get into legal problems, you are technically sharing copyrighted material.

  • HalfBlackCanuck

    Yeah, Alpha builds will do that.
    Let’s hope they fix this by the Beta…

    (side not: AI was never supposed to replace high-level players anyway, always there to add pressure to move around, generally cluster in key areas, provide XP to call for Titans etc.)

  • Neil Riley

    Plays well, graphically a little lacking, everything looked a bit ‘flat’ but gameplay wise it looked fun. Will happily wait for the sequel to appear on PS4 though, no doubt any niggles will be ironed out by then plus it’ll be running above 720p 😉

  • Oliver Mackenzie

    The AI is simple because it’s meant to be. The NPCs in Titanfall are mostly there to provide opportunities for combat/grinding, not to simulate other players.