Microsoft Looks To Build A Japanese Audience With Xbox One


The Xbox 360 hasn’t exactly captured the hearts and minds of the Japanese gaming audience. On that note, Microsoft is looking at Xbox One as a reset; a fresh start in Japan. Microsoft Japan’s Takeshi Sensui spoke to Famitsu about the company’s new strategy in Japan. Sensui spoke of the past relationships that MS has built overseas and wanting to maintain them, but more importantly the ambition to appeal to Japanese gamers seems to be rekindled.

“while offering excellent games that are released around the world, I’d like to also increase the amount of games that are made for the Japanese gamers,”

The critical strategy behind creating more content for the Japanese market will be courting local developers, both large and small. Sony and Nintendo have cemented themselves in Japan, so Microsoft has an uphill battle ahead of them if they’re to truly make an impact in the land of the rising sun.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • kevin

    Hope they are successfull this time around .