Microsoft Is Offering YouTube Personalities Good Money To Promote Xbox One

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UPDATE: Microsoft has provided us two statements implying that Machinima was responsible for supplementing their original agreement with additional clauses. The added verbiage forced content creators to only speak positive about Machinima and Microsoft products and to hide the fact that they’d been paid to do so.

ORIGINAL STORY: Reports surfaced earlier this evening that Microsoft was paying YouTube influencers a fistful of dollars to promote Xbox One have now been confirmed. For the sake of confirmation, we’ll use Machinima. This email (above) has been sent to some of the popular channel’s top personalities.

The amount offered is a great incentive for YouTuber’s to promote Xbox One content. Honestly, it’s hard to tell what effect this will have on the viewing community. Some may view this as everyday business, which it is, but some may lose faith in personalities that feature Xbox One content from here on out.

In all reality, this rate is a relatively low-cost solution for Microsoft to promote Xbox One. The amount being paid for 1.25M  views would be $3,750, which pales in comparison to many other options.

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