Titanfall Alpha Emails Are Legit, Small Group Selected, Xbox One Only


Many were wondering if the emails sent to a select group of gamers inviting them to a Titanfall Alpha were legitimate, or not. It seems they were. Titanfalls official Twitter account has confirmed the legitimacy of the emails.

As some of you are asking, we are doing a limited technical test. It is NOT a beta, and we don’t have any beta news at this time #Titanfall


The e-mail is legit for the tech test, not sharing of content and very small scale.


@Eldarko96 Yes, this is only for Xbox One.


@IRoc_IRoll The invites have already been sent to a small group of gamers.

It turns out that a very small group of Xbox One gamers were selected for a limited technical test. The entirety of the emails have been sent at this time. The group was seemingly selected from a number of Xbox One owners who also happen to play Battlefield 4. The Twitter also confirmed that there’s still no news on a Beta at this time.

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