SteamOS May Have Exclusive Games, Possibly Valve Developed


UPDATE: We reached out to a few of the devs in attendance, and Rami Ismail of Vlambeer confirmed that Valve had mentioned SteamOS exclusive content during Steam Dev Days, his email response,

They mentioned it, but didn’t really expand on it all that much

Considering the fact that press has been shut out of Steam Dev Days, we’re relying on tweets from industry professionals to get a better look at what’s going on in Seattle. Two very exciting tweets have us clamoring for more information. It seems that Valve has vaguely hinted that their SteamOS will have exclusive content. Attendees David Oshry (Gunnar) and Andy Payne have let loose the dogs of war with two simple tweets.

They said there will certainly be experiences on Steam Machines that won’t be available anywhere else. #SteamDevDays #Hype


Exclusives for @steam_games will be natural and not forced. #steamdevdays. Just gets better.

What I find even more interesting is that this was news to the devs in attendance. That means they’re either shopping this prospect to those in attendance, or better yet, Valve may be cooking something up on their own. Steam Dev Days, three words, Half Life 3 confirmed! In all seriousness though, Valve could release something from their studio to kick-off the exclusive content for the SteamOS and possibly tempt other developers to follow suit.

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