Valve Hands Out 2000 Steam Machines At Steam Dev Days, Mostly Intel Models


As many of us know, Valve‘s Steam Dev Days has officially kicked off. The best and brightest of the games industry received invitations to attend the closed-door pow wow. The fact that there’s no press in attendance, or interviews taking place has left the nature of the proceedings somewhat unknown. One thing that’s now known for sure is that the Steam team has handed out over 2000 Steam Machine dev kits to developers on-site at the conference. Rami Ismail of Vlambeer made the announcement via Twitter,

So Steam just handed out 2000 Steam Machines to all the developers here.

Many Steam Machine manufacturers are also present at the event, as well as Nvidia, AMD and Intel. All signs currently point to the bulk, if not all, of the dev kits handed out being Intel models according to Indie Haven’s Laura Kate Dale,

Seemingly all of them are Intel based, so tough to tell atm.

There was no secret as to why Valve had invited the devs to attend. With their new SteamOS and Steam Machines primed for release, they need the support of the development community if things are to work out for the ambitious new venture.

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