The PS Vita Will Never Be The Same Again


Full PS Vita Unity 4.3 support is now available to the public. That means developers with a licensed agreement from SCE for Vita will be able to deploy their game to PS Vita via the Unity game engine. This opens up all of Vita’s platform-specific functionality to Unity devs including:

  • Motion sensors
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Rear touch pad
  • Full support for PSN features like trophies, friends lists, and matchmaking functionality are all included

The great thing about Unity is it’s universal application. As the name suggests Unity support means devs need only build their game once; simply build it and run it on a PS Vita devkit. This alleviates a considerable amount of complication as well as engineering time. I believe full Unity for PS Vita will act as a call to arms for developers to support the platform and will likely result in more consumer adoption as Vita’s game library inflates. Shahid Kamal of SCEE has been very influential in working with indie developers and their support of the Vita. He’s already been working on getting a fresh crop of Unity games for the Vita, and he’ll likely make great progress in the coming months.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity screenshot for visual example of Unity

We also wanted to provide a list of awesome titles that have been developed with Unity for a glimpse of what may be on the way to the Vita.

That’s only a small sampling of what Unity has to offer, if you’d like to look at a full list of titles, you can find them here. This announcement opens up the Vita to a whole new world of development. Zoink! recently released the Unity developed Stick It To The Man on both PS3 and Vita, which is just one example of the engine’s flexibility.

Vita has recently become home to a series of PC ports, but the real win here is that Unity devs will no longer need to port games to the platform, they’ll simply develop with Vita’s platform-specific functionality in mind. In many ways, today acts as a new beginning for PS Vita, and it’s likely that the platform will never be the same again – Chris Jericho

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