The Wolf Among Us EP 2 Will Release In Early February


Well, here we are, almost three months after the debut of Telltale‘s The Wolf Among Us. People were starting to wonder when episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors would be releasing. The developer had targeted monthly releases, but has cited “several things conspired against us” and the Holiday season as the reason for the delay.

A promise has been made that episode 2 will be available the first week of February. The studio has said they aren’t going to dive into details,

but it’s been an unusual and specific set of circumstances and we do not anticipate it happening again as we go forward with the rest of the season.

Hopefully the many projects the studio has in the pipeline aren’t going to produce further delays. We’re very much looking forward to experiencing the second act of what’s shaping up to be another great example of storytelling in The Wolf Among Us.

Source: Telltale

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