Turtle Rock Studios Say’s Evolve’s Goliath Alien Is Only The Beginning


Turtle Rock Studios upcoming title Evolve has been making some serious waves since it was first revealed. The 4v1 Co-Opetitive shooter has just about everyone interested. One of the things that caught our eye earlier today is that Evolve’s player controlled monstrosity Goliath will have some help, as the games official Twitter account put it,

“He’s not alone, either” 


“Goliath is only the beginning”

This is also evidenced by Evolve’s Steam product listing. Pre-ordering the title nets you the “Monster Expansion Pack” entitling you to a character skin for the Goliath and a “New Monster Character Free“. This is further elaborated upon by a bit of fine print below that statement.

“Receive a free download of the new monster character as soon as it’s available.”

As we know, the Goliath was the first alien to be revealed and is easily described as a hulking brute. Turtle Rock Describes his real world size as “in the 30’s” (feet) range if he stood up fully. My bet on future playable aliens would be a yin to the Goliath’s yang. Maybe something decidedly more stealthy, or maybe even an alien with a ranged ability. At this point, I’m interested in seeing what Turtle Rock has in store for future reveals.

What kind of alien do you think will be revealed in the future? Does Evolve’s off the beaten path approach to the multiplayer shooter have you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dylan Zellmer

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    yes i would buy this game
    i like to see a skeleton monster that glows in the dark and has ghostly powers or a blob monster that has acid to eat people with